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The Drama serial “Yeh Dil Mera” is a romantic Pakistani drama with a lot of suspense, romance, and mystery premiered on Hum TV from October 30, 2019, to June 10, 2020. MOMINA DURAID produced this Drama. AEHSUN TALISH directed it, and this beautiful masterpiece was written by none other than FARHAT ISHTIAQ. The story is surrounded by three main characters Adnan Siddiqui ( Mr. Farooq), AHAD RAZA MIR as (AMANULLAH ), and SAJAL ALY, which is also known as SAJAL AHAD MIR   as (Noor Ul Ain AKA Ana). It is a beautiful blend of Revenge and Love. The story of those peoples who looked normal and perfect, but from inside, they are broken.

Yeh Dil Mera Cast:



Ahad Raza MirAmaanullah Khan
Sajal AlyNoor-ul-Ain Zaman
Adnan SiddiquiMir Farooq Zaman
Paras MasroorAli Bakhsh
Zarnish KhanHumaira
Mira SethiNeelofer Farooq
Farhan AliGhauri
Adnan Tariq QureshiUbaidullah
Yahya AhmadIbrahim
Syed Mohammad AhmedDr.Arsalan

Drama Story:

The story is of a guy AMANULLAH whose parents and his younger sister has been killed by Mr. Farooq when he was only 11 years old. After the murder of his family, he went to Uk to his step-uncle. Unfortunately, his uncle is so abusive towards him, which makes his life more difficult. Beaten, abused and neglected childhood, all these things build up and force him to take revenge on the guy that brought him to this situation. By planning to plot, he decided to enter into Mr. Farooq’s life, and the best shortcut was to trapping his daughter (Noor Ul Ain) in his love trap.

Mr. Farooq, the mastermind of this Drama Serial, For the outer world, was the most caring, protective, and perfect example of a good father who loved her daughter so much. He shows everyone he has not married the death of his wife for the sake of his daughter, but the reality was the opposite of it. He secretly married his former sectary SAHIRA for the past seven years and killed his first wife with her infant child. He told everyone that his wife had died in a car accident, but his daughter has some unclear images of faded memories and the murder of her mother.

And the last main character of the Drama Serial Yeh Dill Mera,” NOOR UL AIN was the most sensitive and pampered girl who was a fresh graduate from an engineering university. She was always surrounded with the love and care of her Father

,BUA G and her aunt FARHANA. She looked so perfect, but in reality, she was facing claustrophobia. She could not sleep at night. Some unclear images of her mother’s death terrified her; even she told her Father about these dreams and asked them, “Did anything happen in the past that I don’t know, “but he refused.

The story begins when AMANULLAH comes back to Pakistan and handles his uncle’s business. He interacts with NOOR UL AIN, and they attract each other.

For AMANULLAH, it was just a game to take revenge, but for ANA, he became the essential part of her life. Eventually, they got engaged. While organizing every detail of his plan, he had not planned to fall in love with his Fiancé, Aina, which made him think. He ran away to England and refused to marry her Because fall in love with his enemies’ daughter was not part of his revenge.

Despite all this, She remained steadfast in love, and finally, they got married, but the marriage did not prove peaceful for her. In the start, it was an abusive relationship because he did not like when he talks about his Father, Mr. Farooq, and his Servant Ali Bakhsh (who was also responsible for murder ). Sometimes, he was ruthless. However, he felt afraid of what would happen when she knows about his revenge because, just like Ana, He was too damaged, nightmares scared him too. He was afraid to be alone, To be judged as abnormal. Ana has made efforts to understand him, to understand the man behind this cold texture, but she failed.

AMANULLAH  takes Ana to his childhood house for their honeymoon. Ana feels very uncomfortable at this place as she believes that the memory of this place was not so good for her. As days passed, Ana got more uncomfortable even she gets some flashes of past days; she tries to connect the dots but fails. At this place, Aman got some flashes of his past, but he knew all these incidents very well compared to Ana.

In the flashback, it is revealed that Aman, his mother Humaira, his sister, and his Father lived here permanently, but Mr. Farooq’s family only came here for some vacations. Humaira (Aman’s mother) and Nelofer (Ana’ mother) cross paths and become friends one day. Humaira and Mr.Farooq knew each other from college days, they were friends, but Mr. Farooq felt something more than friendship for Humaira. After so many years, when they met, Mr. Farooq felt shocked to hear about Humira’s marriage, and two children may be it was the reason behind the past mystery.

On the other hand, Mr. Farood became suspicious of his wife Sahira(who was in contact with his enemy)  and asked his Servant to lockdown his wife until he returned from the UK. One day, Servant caught up Sahihra with the cell phone and told Mr. Farooq. Mr. Farooq commands the Servant to kill his wife. Sahihra (Mr. Farooq’s wife) tried to escape but could not succeed. At last, she died.

In one flash,  There was a swing in Aman’s house where she fell during swinging and made an injury on her chin. Walking around the house, she remembered the swing incident and suffered a panic attack.

One day, Ana found the keys to the room that Aman had locked. She enters the room and sees the pictures of her father and Ali bakhsh with a cross mark and the page with information about the murder of Amanullah’s family. She felt shocked. At that moment, AMAN entered the room and told her about his Mother, Father, and sister’s murder story. She does not believe it, but she says that she will try to discover the reality behind it.

While something comes to knowledge of Mr. Farooq about Aman, He goes to Aman’s house to take Ana, but she refused to go with her Father; she wants to know the reality. Aman says to her, if you want to see the truth, you should visit the DARYA BAGH ( the place where that incident had happened). They went to DARYA BAGH. She remembers everything about her childhood. Meanwhile, Farhana khala reaches Islamabad(she lived in a foreign country) and asks Bua about everything. Bua says we should know the location of Aman and Ana. Both also reach the DARYA BAGH, and  Ana asks the Bua about the truth, but she does not tell her.

Eventually, she goes to the house where they used to live when they come on holiday. She remembers that Ali bakhsh killed her mother; also, she got more evidence.

On the other hand, Aman calls Mr. Farooq and tells him I will kill your daughter if you don’t come. Mr. Farooq realized that Ana would be in DARYA BAGH. He comes to Darya BAGH in Aman’s house and pins him. He wants to know about Ana’s location. Aman tells him about the summer house, and Mr. Farooq went to the summer house with his Servant.

At summer house, Even she remembers that where her mother was buried. She digs where she doubts that her mother would be and felt shocked when she finds out the jewelry of her mother at that place. Meanwhile, Mr. Farooq, his Servant, and Aman reach there. She asked her Father about the truth, but he refused to accept everything. Ana snatches the gun from Ali bakhsh and threatens her Father that she will harm herself if you don’t tell the truth. Mr. Farooq confesses all his crimes. Then she gasps and runs away from there towards Aman’s house. Aman, Bua and Farhana khala follow her.

On the other hand, MR. Farooq commands the Servant to shot him; accordingly, he shoots Mr. Farooq and himself. Both died. Ana faints after listening to the news of her Father’s death. Aman takes her to the hospital, and he realizes his love for Ana is more than from his revenge.  Ana does not forgive him and tells him that she can never love him or trust him anymore. In the end, she handled her Father’s business and shifts at DARYA BAGH with her Bua and started living there.

Drama Serial ends with Aman waiting for her. Maybe one day she will forgive Aman, and they will be reunited.

Yeh Dil Mera Episode 1:

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