Wrong Place At The Wrong Time Horror Story In English

Wrong place at the wrong time scary story in English

Scary Story:

Scary story

My name is Ethan Robert. I’m 25 years old, and I used to work as a delivery guy for a huge part of my life. Being a delivery man taught me many things, but the major lesson I took away from the job is that things aren’t really what they seem in this world, and unfortunately for me, I had to learn that the hard way. It happened about three years ago. At the time, all I cared about was my job. As I spent most of my days delivering packages, nothing exciting happened on my delivery trips, but that all changed on one special delivery. It was on a Monday, and I was trying to deliver a package, but there was a huge influx of traffic. I was already running late, so I decided to use a different route. I swerved the bike into a deserted back alley, and as I reached the end of the alleyway. I saw the strangest thing right there at the end of the street. I saw a 7-eleven store; the site was odd as it was placed in a very secluded area; that was strange as convenience stores 7-elevens were normally built in places that were open and accessible to everyone. It was as if the store didn’t want people to know it was; after a lot of thinking, I decided to brush it off as I was running late, and I still had a package to deliver. So I went on with my journey; a week passed before I had to use that route again. It was on a Friday, and I was on another delivery trip. The weather was hot, and there was heavy traffic I couldn’t be late, so I decided to use the route again as it was easier. After 20 minutes, I was done with the delivery, and I was on my way back. I was thirsty, so I decided to pop into the oddly placed 7-eleven store to get something to drink. As I walked into the store, I froze on the spot and was greeted with another odd sight. All the people in the 7-11 store were all donning suits, gowns and expensive jewelry. The aura all seemed high class as with one look at them; you’d know that they were all wealthy this was peculiar to me as seeing rich people in a convenience store was a sight to behold. Still, even then, that wasn’t the strangest thing as there was something odder about the scene. The rich people weren’t shopping or talking; they were all standing and waiting; an eerie silence filled the room as all the classy people watched the clock. I looked up at the clock that they were all staring at. I saw the time was 709 pm I began to get anxious as the environment made me feel uneasy, so I decided to get my drink and leave as soon as possible after getting the drink I wanted, I made my way to the counter. Before I could reach there, the clock hit 7:11 p.m. Before I could blink, I saw numerous hooded figures emerge from the back door of the store. Within seconds, they filled the room, and with no hesitation, they began to usher everyone into the room. They had just come out of. I began to panic as I slowly backed away. Still, before I could reach the door, I was sternly held by one of the hooded figures. The man then proceeded to usher me into the room out of fear. I didn’t speak as I knew that I’d be in trouble if I didn’t comply, so I decided to stay calm and wait for an opportunity to escape. I was led into another room through the back door, and I walked into what seemed to be the replica of the 7-eleven. I was just ushered out. I was confused for a few minutes as I began to look around, but I stopped dead. when I saw what was displayed on the shelves, at first glance, I thought I was looking at life-sized dolls, but it didn’t take long before I got the horrific realization that those were actual human beings. I looked closer to see neatly dressed children displayed in glass-like cages. Each of the cages had price tags on them as I saw price ranges from fifty thousand dollars up to one hundred fifty thousand dollars. I watched in horror as the rich people began to pick out and buy the captive children like they were buying groceries. The fear on the faces of the children made my heartbreak as they were being carried away. I watched as a hesitant child began to scream as she was taken away. Her screams began to fill the room, and I watched as the rich couple who picked her out said silence; we’ll pick out another with no hesitation. One of the hooded figures opened the glass cage, brought out a gun, and shot the child, clearing the head; watching that child get murdered was my breaking point as I finally lost it and screamed. All eyes immediately turned in my direction, and I realized that I wasn’t meant to be there. Within seconds I was surrounded by the hooded figures, and the one looming over me asked, who the hell are you. I didn’t answer as I knew that they would immediately kill me if I told them the truth. They just killed that little girl; as I answered them with silence, I could tell the man was agitated as he punched me right in the mouth. I felt my lipped hair as I tasted the blood in my mouth. The hooded figure said tell us who you are, or I assure you that we will make you hear your bones breaking. I said nothing as I was ready to take the beating than die. All the hooded figures then beat the crap out of me as they punched and kicked me. I watched as the rich emotionless people just stood there watching them beat me to death after 30 minutes. I felt immeasurable pain run through my body. My face was swollen, and I could barely open my left eye. Then I heard one of the hooded figures say kill him already. I don’t think he’s anyone important the hooded man then brought out his gun and pointed it directly at my head. My heart began to beat rapidly as I realized they would kill me regardless of if I spoke or not. A lot of thoughts began to run through my head as I never thought being a delivery guy would get me into a situation like this right before the man could shoot me, the door was broken down, and I heard someone scream the word FBI FBI. Agents filled the room as gunshots were fired. Within minutes the sound of the gunshot simmered down, and numerous people were in handcuffs. One of the FBI agents now saw me lying battered on the floor, and he called for the paramedics as I was being taken care of. The agent began to question me, and I told him everything. I knew the agent then said, ” Well, Ethan, today’s not your lucky day as you just stumbled upon one of the most messed up trafficking rings that the FBI has been tracking for months. you really should thank the lord that you’re alive cause these merciless people run a horrific organization who uses dubious fronts to undergo child trafficking worldwide. This 7-eleven store is just one of them. After that, I was questioned a little bit more before I was told to go home as they began to finish rounding up the criminals. Even after three years, the memory is still fresh in my mind. I quit my job after that incident. I went back to school the ordeal has made me see the world differently.

Creepy Story

Moral Story:

As I’m now always wary of my surroundings, so to anyone who’s listening to this, I advise you to dread carefully as you never know where you are; who knows if your local barbershop is a front for a cocaine store. This is why it’s always better to proceed with caution so you wouldn’t find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I hope everyone who reads this learns a lesson from this short horror story.

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