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HUM TV always present dramas with a new story and different content which hook the viewers at a massive scale. Hum TV drama serials are always liked and acclaimed by viewers. Now, there will be a new addition to HUM TV dramas which is Sitam. The viewers are very anxious about its story. They are waiting for the first episode of this play. All fans of HUM TV dramas are exciting to watch this upcoming drama serial SITAM.

SITAM is a 2021 drama, will be premiered on HUM TV. Its first and second teasers have been out. This drama has been produced by Mahesh Waswani and Syed Mukhtar Ahmed and directed by Kamran Khan.

The very dashing and talented Usama Khan will play the lead role opposite to beautiful and sizzling Nawal Saeed and Moomal Khalid.Other actors like SAAD QURAISHI, KIRAN TABIR, AFRAZ RASOOL, WASEEM TIRMAZI, MARIE BHATTI, TALIA, LAILA WASTI, FARAH NADEEM, AZRA MOHYEDDIN.

In this drama, Nawal Saed will play the role of Feriha and Moomal Khalid will appear as Aashi. On the other hand, in male actors, Usama Khan will be seen as Shayan. This drama will show the side effects of Wata Sata’s marriage and how this thing spoils the life of girls and affects our society. If we see the other side of this drama, its story is a love triangle.

The story of the drama serial SITAM revolves around Feriha, Aashi, and Shayan. Shayan and Aashi will be seen loving each other. Due to some family pressures, Shayan denies marrying Aashi. After leaving Aashi, he marries Feriha.

After marriage, Feriha knows that Shayan married her only for the sake of his sister who is Feriha’s sister-in-law. This Wata Sata’s tie was knotted just to keep the Shayan’s sister happy in her in-laws. Shayan does not treat well to Feriha.

If we talk about Aashi, she is engaged to Ali but she is not happy with this relationship because she still likes Shayan.

This story is about its main character Feriha who suffers a lot in her in-laws but she does not lose hope and remains steadfast. Despite all difficulties, she faces everything with an act of great courage to keep his place in her in-laws. in its first teaser, the wedding scene has been shown where Nawal Saeed is speaking some dialogues about her marriage with Usama Khan and Usama Kahn is also speaking some dialogue while waring Nawal Khan to keep his sister happy.

All viewers all expecting that this drama serial will be an addition to the list of HUM TV hit dramas. Watch this drama and stay tuned with us for more information and updates about SITAM.

Sitam Drama Cast:

  • Nawal Saeed
  • Moomal Khalid
  • Usama Khan
  • Saad Qureshi
  • Kiran Tabir
  • Afraz Rasool
  • Waseem Tirmazi
  • Marie Bhatti
  • Talia
  • Laila Wasti
  • Farah Nadeem
  • Azra Mohyeddin

Sitam | Teaser 1 |


Sitam | Teaser 2 |

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