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The Guest: A Horror Story in English

Horror Story

As Thanksgiving knocked on the door, a dark memory returned to me. I don’t celebrate this tradition anymore because of what happened two years before. I am a 19-year-old average height girl currently living in California; my hometown is a small town in Georgia. Being an only child, I have always been a pampered kid. My parents were high school love birds who immediately married after finishing high school. My dad owned quite a lot of l, and we were better off than many people living in the town. He inherited his father’s house, and from the outside, we were the picture-perfect family in everyone’s eyes, but what happened inside the place was only known to us. We lived in the outskirts right beside vast paddy fields. My dad had a Chevy and often drove us to the market whenever we needed things. Even though everyone thought my parents were perfect for each other, they fought like animals every night. With time, the young love died, and harsh reality surfaced for them. My dad screamed at my mother, and she abused him in every way possible between the two of them. My mom was the most toxic one. I believe I saw her slapping my dad and pushing him many times, but my dad never raised ah, and at her, our society has this weird mindset that domestic abuse can only happen one way. I love both my parents equally, but whenever my mom hit my dad and screamed at him using obscene language, I hated her increasing toxicity led to the usual consequences of divorce. My dad had to bear a lot as my mom went on giving suicidal threats if he divorced her; it was the most disgusting phase of our lives, our so-called happy family broke apart, and my mom stayed in Georgia. I came to California with my dad, my dad’s lawyer proved how she abused him for years, and I, too, sided with my dad on these tears rolled down his eyes when he got my custody, but one thing I noticed that day which no one did. My mom didn’t say a single word. She stared at me with a blank face for a few seconds and then quietly walked out of the courtroom. That was probably the last time I saw her until I turned 18. And a horrifying tragedy happened last year, my dad didn’t keep any contact with my mom after the divorce, but he never stopped me from being in touch with her. I talked to her over the phone at times, and that was it. Sometimes I missed her, but then I realized those painful nights watching my mom hitting and kicking my dad, and my dad bearing this humiliation and insult for my sake. The awful memories of his past hit him so hard that he was scared to fall in love again. He kept to himself and raised me with the utmost care. It was probably my 7th grade PTA meeting when my dad found a new ray of hope in his life, he fell in love again with my English teacher Melissa, she was a kind lady, and I liked her. They hit it went off quite well, and soon she moved in with us. When my mom found out about this, she was not happy, but she didn’t create a scene this time and quietly disconnected the call. It was a week before Thanksgiving. When my mom called, I was sitting in my room going through some brochures, thinking about where to go for college. I picked it up immediately as it’s been a month since I have spoken to her hi mom, hello my pumpkin, how are you? I’m good; um, mom, yes, my dear, are you all right? I know the time has been hard for you, and trust me, none of us wants it to hurt you. It’s just that dad is happy, and maybe we should all be pleased for him. Oh, you will be such a lovely lady, I know, pumpkin, and you’re right. Can you please put me on speaker and call your dad all these years? My parents never spoke after the divorce. My mom never asked my dad hearing her say this, and my heartbeat grew faster. I called my dad, and he entered the room along with Melissa. Hello, daisy hi James hope you’re in good health what was it you wanted to talk about? Um, I know I have done you wrong and never apologized for that; honestly, I was so ashamed that I couldn’t, so here I am asking for one last thing from you and my daughter this Thanksgiving. Will you guys visit me you can also bring Melissa I would love to meet her give me one more chance to have a good time with my family I saw my father’s face turn cold, and he looked at me then at Melissa he was going to say no when Melissa grabbed his hand and said in a low voice she was Courtney’s mom James she, too, deserves to spend Thanksgiving with her daughter, and it has been ten years now, just for a few days, my respect for Melissa grew more that day as I witnessed her kind heart, my dad agreed, and my mom said from the other side of the phone see you all at Thanksgiving then we decided to reach there on the day before Thanksgiving stepping into my hometown, i couldn’t help but recall all the childhood memories I made here in the green paddy fields still stood there making our house the only shelter on the outskirts, but due to poor maintenance I could see the place losing its usual luster we knocked on the door, and my mom opened it in one go like she was waiting right on the other side. She hugged me tightly, and then looked at my dad. Hi James, please come in; we stepped in, and I introduced her to Melissa. Surprisingly my mom went close to her, and hugged her as well; my dad and I were both shocked to see her react so calmly we all sat down and started to talk; my mom served us homemade lemonade, and after a long time, I felt my family was complete, but this feeling didn’t last long as I realized my mom hadn’t changed entirely though she was constantly bringing up topics involving an incident of their married life, and trying to make Melissa feel like an outsider. She went to the kitchen, and my dad started apologizing to Melissa for my mom’s mean behaviour, I could see them regretting coming here, and I too felt this year’s Thanksgiving is not going to be how i expected I told my dad that we would leave next morning asap he went to the kitchen, probably to tell my mom not to bring up the past in front of Melissa I took Melissa to my room to cheer up her mood by getting our support, and attention Melissa’s mood elevated, and we were laughing and talking like before ten minutes went by when my mom came in and stopped, she stared at me, and Melissa, with a cold face, said, ” Oh, you are here. I was looking for you everywhere you know, Melissa, my daughter, is a sweetheart; she and I spent a huge time decorating this room, she often said how no one could replace me in her the life you know what daisy, your daughter is right; no one can replace a mother but sadly you had such a beautiful family, and you ruined it all. Melissa walked out of the room like a badass, I saw my mom’s face turn red. Somehow she got a long-needed lesson, and we all sat down for an awkward thanksgiving for dinner, while having the turkey, I found a wishbone. I decided to split it with my dad, my mom said to me be careful what do you wish for, and smiled honestly i wished that any daughter would have harmony between my mom and my dad so that i don’t have to choose between them somehow we finished the rest of the dinner, and went to bed. It was around 3 a.m. when I heard heavy breath falling on my face I opened my eyes, and saw my mom standing near my bed in the dark what are you doing here? I shouted in fear. She gave a very bizarre smile, and her one eye twisted, making her look creepy. Then she said in a calm voice i know you wished for our family to be happy again, didn’t you pumpkin before i could reply to her question. My eyes went to her hand, and I saw she was holding something in both her hand, and the water was dripping from those things, I jumped through the switchboard on the other side and turned on the light, what have you done? You don’t have to choose any more pumpkins now; you will have me by your side forever. What is thanksgiving without thanking our loved ones for their sacrifice? I am thankful to your father, and this for sacrificing their life to reunite a mother to her daughter I couldn’t keep my sanity anymore. I picked up the night lamp and struck my psycho mom on the head she wasn’t expecting this and fell on the floor screaming in pain I went on hitting her until her brain matter came out, she took away everything from me And now, the one person whom I loved the most was my poor innocent dad when I was done with my anger, I called 9-1-1 myself, smeared in my mother’s blood. I waited for the cops to arrive, I am the youngest woman prisoner in this high-security facility with a supposed chance of parole maybe, but I am not going to ask for it. I am going to spend my entire life in this dark cell because I have no one to call family now, the outside world is way scarier than the world inside this prison, and I have had enough, no more family, no more Thanksgiving for me that goes without saying.

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