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Suno Chanda is a famous and super hit Pakistani drama serial which was written by Saima Akram Chaudhry. She is a famous Pakistani writer and novelist. She is well known for her remarkable works in Pakistani drama industry. Her net worthy works include Suno Chanda(2018) and Suno Chanda(2019). The first episode of this series was premiered on 7th May 2018 presented by Hum Tv; the main characters Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed, have portrayed their aptitudes in extraordinary ways. At every stage of the drama, all characters gave their best and made every moment memorable for viewers. The story of this drama is a sweet and loving family tale. A joint family system has also been presented in this drama.

Moreover, this tells us the ethos of marriages and correlation between husband and wife, also covered the importance of comprehension between in-laws and newly wed bride. This drama received fantastic feedback not only from the public but also from celebrities. It was an unforgettable experience for Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed. They were so excited to know that viewers enjoyed every moment of this drama Suno Chanda.

Suno Chanda Drama Cast:



Farhan SaeedArsalan Jamshed Ali (Arsal)
Iqra AzizAjiya Nazakat Ali (Jiya)
Samina AhmadMumtaz Begum (Bi Jaan)
Nabeel ZuberiShehryar (Shery)
Mashal KhanKinza Jalal
Farhan Ally AghaJamshed Ali
Sohail SameerNazakat Ali
Nadia AfganShahana Batool (Shanno)
Farah ShahNaeema
Syed Mohammad AhmedShah Jahan
Tara MahmoodMasooma
Adnan Shah TipuJalal Khan
Mizna WaqasArbela (Billo)
Sami KhanDanial Nazakat Ali (DJ)
Ali SafinaJawad (Joji)
Agha SajjadAbba Jan (dead)
Anumta QureshiHuma



Suno Chanda drama 2018 is a Pakistani Ramadan special Romantic series. This series shows the Pakistani wedding traditions by presenting a couple (cousins) in Nikaah but living separately due to pending Rukhsati. Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed are playing a leading role in it as Jiya and Arsal, respectively. The whole story revolves around both cousins Jiya and Arsal, who are husband and wife in relation. Both do not want to marry each other due to personality differences, but they do this for the sake of family honour and the wish of their dying grandfather. Jiya wants to join the London school of economics after her BBA completion for further higher studies. Bi Jaan is the grandmother of both cousins and the head of this family. Jamshed Ali, Nazakat Ali, and Masooma are her children. Masooma is married to Jalal khan, and they live in Peshawar. Jamshed Ali is married to Shahana ana Nazakat Ali with Naeema. Both sons live with their families with their parents. Jiya younger brother is Danyal which is mostly called by DJ, always makes video of his family to reveal their secrets. He blackmails concerned persons and demands whatever he wants. Arsal and Jiya are also childhood companions and always make fun of each other. Their unwanted Nikaah also creates a situation of war between them. Masooma arrives at fix date of marriage with his husband Jalal and daughter kinza. On another side, both Jiya snd Arsal are making schemes to stop this marriage.

Masooma’ s daughter, who has a secret crush on Arsal, always wants to stop this marriage. That’s why she helps Arsal and Jiya to Stop this wedding. She produces conflicts among family members. Shahjahan, who is the brother-in-law of Bi Jaan and lives in London, also visits this family to attend this marriage. They were invited by Jiya without bringing in the notice of Bi Jaan because Bi Jaan does not like Shahjahan. Sherry is close to his cousins and cooperates with them in their plan to cancel this wedding. He also asks Arsal and Jiya to resolve conflict friendly and helps Jiya join the London school of economics, and they plan to study together. Here unknowingly, sherry develops feelings for Jiya and Arsal feels jealousy. At this point, Bi Jaan’s sister’s daughter Billo arrives to participate in this wedding. Billo wanted to marry Jamshed but Jamshed chosed Shahana as a life partner. Shahana always feels jealousy due to the growing closeness between Billo and Jamshed and leaves the house angrily. Kinza and Arsal also come and join her to live together. Jiya’s parents canceled the wedding due to a misunderstanding caused by Arsal and Jiya’s actions. Jamshed does the acting of heart attack to bring his wife back at home. Later, Shahana also cancels the wedding and asks Arsal to marry kinza. Kinza is much happy about this turning point. On the other side, Jiya and Arsal are also pleased with the cancelation of the wedding. Jiya finally gets a scholarship to the London School of economics as their parents are against each other and forbid Jiya and Arsal to talk to each other. Jiya and Arsal’s parents ask Arsal to divorce Jiya, but Arsal denies it. Jiya’s father also sends her to a lawyer to file the case of khula. On seeing this, Arsal confesses his love before Jiya, but Jiya rejects and says to Arsal that he is jealous of her going abroad for studies. Arsal clears this thing to Jiya snd denies divorcing her, and promises to help her in the study. These days, Arsal receives a notice from the court but he clears to Jiya that he will not lose hope even if she files a court case. Here, with the help of sherry, both Arsal and Jiya meet with each other in the eatery for iftar. Here, Arsal tries to convince Jiya to accept his soft feelings for her, but Jiya rejects and says that she can do nothing for such feelings.

On the way back home, some people try to kidnap Jiya. Here Arsal fights with them and saves Jiya from them. He gets a bullet on his arm. Then Jiya realized her mistakes, says sorry to Arsal, and accepts him. when kinza notices the closeness of both Jiya snd Arsal, she seeks help from sherry to teach her everything about life. It starts liking between them.

The shooting incident realizes Jiya that she has a soft corner for Arsal. At first, she is confused about her feelings; then, she expresses it before her close friend Huma. On the demand of Arsal, DJ makes a video of Huma and Jiya’s conversation. Jiya is not able to convey her feelings to her parents, but she confesses it before Bi Jaan and seeks help from her. Bi Jaan asks her to go to the court with Arsal and stop the proceeding of khula. Meanwhile, Arsal gets the video of Huma and Jiya’s conversation and knows about her feelings for him.

The later family knows about Jiya and Arsal’s feelings. But Nazakat says to Jiya to choose one thing from parents and Arsal. When this thing comes in the notice of Bi Jaan, she asks Nazakat snd Jamshed if they cannot obey her wish, they can leave the house and calls an estate agent to see the hose.

When Shahanas’s cousin and ex-fiance visit this family, Nazakat says Jiya sign divorce papers, but Jiya writes I love my husband on stamp papers. At this Nazakat gets infuriated, and Arsal feels happy. so family decides to marry the Jiya with Arsal. Here Agha Jan asks the Jalal, the hand of kinza for sherry. Kinza parents are agreed. Shahana says sorry to Jiya for her immature activities, and Arsal seeks sorry from Jiya’s parents for being hyper.

Arsal gifts a dress to Jiya on mehndi sangeet functions. On the wedding day, Jiya and Arsal begin fighting, but they patch upon the insistence of family by saying sorry. At dhoodh pilaie, kinza proposes to sherry to marry, and both accept each other.

On the wedding night, Jiya snd Arsal fight again, but they realize their immaturity and say sorry to each other and promise not to revise such mistakes. The drama ends with a confession of their love for each other.

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