Sanam Chaudhry Says Good Bye To Showbiz For Islam

The famous actress of the Pakistani drama industry has deleted her pictures from her social account:

Many famous actresses in the Pakistani drama industry have left showbiz and preferred to learn about Islam. Now, they are living their lives according to the teachings of Islam. Such news always wanders on social media and also have reality. Many famous artists have left behind the showbiz world and are not seen on TV screens doing any single project.

Sanam Chaudary

Sanam Chaudhary is one of those actresses who has deleted her pictures from her social account. She deleted the pictures related to showbiz time. Only a few pictures of her Nikkah ceremony are found on her Instagram.

Sanam Chaudhary

Sanam Chaudhary started her acting career in 2013 and has performed in several projects. She earned fame from the Pakistani drama serial “Ghar Titli Ka Par”. She is far away from the Pakistani drama industry since 2019. But now, she has removed her pictures from her social account. She has also changed the Bio history of her Instagram. By removing the word of an actress from her social account, she said I am learning Islam.

One day, Sanam Chaudhary shared a video on her social account. There were some bouquets and cakes on the table, and I stated that my family appreciated my decision through this way to turn myself toward Allah.

Sanam Chaudhary has not announced officially yet to leave the showbiz. Still, due to her recent activities on her professional account, it is considered that she has said goodbye to the Pakistani drama industry.

What do you think was her right decision or not?

Should Sanam Chaudhary join showbiz again or not?

Please share your views with us, and stay tuned for more breaking news.

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