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Red light green light Scary Short Story In English


Red Light Green Light Horror Story Plot:

We laughed and drank when Corey said, have you guys watched this new squid games series. I’m not a big fan of web series as they take a lot of time to finish; no, I haven’t, but everyone in my office talked about it last week. What is it about Jonah replied it’s a thriller where childhood games become dangerous in real life, like someone who fails to play by the rules gets killed? I see what kind of childhood games are like tug of war marble games and especially red light green light; yes, I remember the last one. Didn’t we use to play that a lot when we were kids? Old memories started to come back again as we four childhood friends sat in my living room and laughed about it. Jonah Corey, I, and Oliver grew up in the same neighbourhood playing and studying together. With time, we all drifted apart, but somehow, we have reunited once again after ten years. It was Oliver who made it all happen. He has always been the friend in need, no matter how much we pranked him in our childhood days. After ten years, Oliver connected with each of us, and we agreed to meet for a house party in my Los Angeles home as we all sat together with delicious dishes and drinks. We started cherishing each other’s company again while talking about the squid games. Oliver interrupted, saying, “Do you guys remember how you used to slap me on the head when playing red light? Greenlight Jenna took a big bite of a chicken leg and said you mean that statue game, right that’s what I’ve been telling you guys. Corey replied I felt a bit embarrassed because we did bully Oliver a lot. When he was a kid, he used to be chubby back then, and we always found a way to make him the one calling out so that we could play the game and slap him on the head. After reaching the finish line, I laughed awkwardly and said we were stupid and meant kids back. Then Oliver smiled and again said well, it’s fine. I never minded; suddenly, Jonah got up and slapped him on the head, saying of course not, you never had a mind, bro, Corey laughed out loud, but I wouldn’t say I liked this joke. I told him he was drunk and crossing a line which he shouldn’t. I could see a wave of repressed anger lurking in Oliver’s face, but he didn’t say anything. He just got up and went to the kitchen to get more drinks as soon as he was out of sight. I yelled at Jonah and Corey, guys, we aren’t kids anymore. Oliver took the initiative of bringing us back again; please respect him. I knew they ignored my lecture on how to treat Oliver. I got up and went to the kitchen to help him. He was standing near the fridge. I said in a calm voice don’t mind them; they have always been jerks. I apologize on their behalf; man, it’s fine. I am happy to see you change. You might be the lucky one tonight. What do you mean by that I have a surprise for you guys? Let’s go saying this; he walked away, and I followed him with mixed feelings. Oliver stood in the middle of the living room and said I have a hidden gift for you guys inside this house. We will play a little game until one of you finds it. We all looked at him with surprise, not knowing what he was trying to do. He said I’d turn off the power. It’ll become dark then you all will split up looking for that gift trust me you won’t be disappointed when you find it the winner will leave with an exciting prize what do you say shall we play well there’s nothing wrong with going back to our childhood days I don’t mind either let’s do it then Oliver went to the main switch and turned off the power my two-story fancy house sunken darkness in just a wink. I was confused because I couldn’t even tell when Oliver had planned all this. We did ignore him the entire evening like we always did. Maybe he used that opportunity to set it all up. Oliver stood in the dark and said, ” Remember, you can move the entire night until you hear red light from me, so let the game begin ” He lit up three candles and handed them to us. I asked him what about his candle; he replied he could see in the dark pretty well. It will make things even more exciting we split up and started to search the house for the gift that Oliver had kept for us. I went straight to my bedroom upstairs and looked for the thing when I heard Oliver say red light. I became a statue immediately; I was sure Jonah and Corey did the same. Ten minutes went by, and I suddenly heard a metal vase falling on the floor. I heard Corey saying Jonah please don’t break things I couldn’t help but laugh thinking she’s out of the game and has spoken in statue mode more time went by and I expected Corey to argue her way out to get back in the game but I didn’t hear her say anything after that Oliver yelled again green light I made my way downstairs I was about to take the last step when someone grabbed my hand and whispered Paul call 9-1-1 please Oliver has gone mad I saw in the damn candle light it was Jonah his face was like a white sheet what are you saying I asked Oliver he is following the squid game theme call 9-1-1 we must we must get out of this house Jonah was about to say more when we heard Oliver’s voice from a close distance red light he entered our room with Corey’s candle in hand and stopped he lifted his other hand and what I saw made my heart jump right out of my chest he was holding Cory’s severed head in his other hand he gave the sickest smile and said she moved she lost fair enough right she won’t be able to slap me in the head ever again I stood there in complete terror because by that time I have understood the rules if I move now I will be his next victim Jonah also stood like a stone as Oliver gazed at us from head to toe then turned around facing the wall he said in a creepy voice green light as soon as he said that Jonah and I ran to the main door like scared little kids I twisted the doorknob and it didn’t open yes it was locked he locked it right away before any of us could notice I couldn’t go on with this insanity anymore I ran to the power box and turned on the lights as the bright lights hit the floor. We found Corey’s headless body lying on the couch blood was flowing from her slashed neck effortlessly; the entire mattress was red. I screamed, Oliver, why are you doing this? You have to stop this madness. I noticed a box wrapped in a shiny cover placed under the same couch Corey was lying on. Before I could contemplate this thought, Jonah grabbed my baseball bat from the corner and, just then, Oliver yelled red light and turned around; even though I paused, Jonah rushed to Oliver to attack him, but before he could reach him, Oliver took out a pistol and shot him right in the middle of his forehead splashing a lot of blood and brain matter Jonah’s lifeless body fell on the floor creating a loud thud I stood there trembling in fear not saying a single word two of my childhood friends are dead in my own home, and their killer was another childhood friend of mine. Oliver smiled at me and said I told you you’d be the lucky one. I will turn around for one last time so that you can go ahead and grab your gift. He faced the wall again and said in a calm voice green light. I lunched to the couch and took out the gift box; something inside my head hinted to me that I needed to open this anyhow; as soon as I unraveled the gift, I met with the ultimate game plan Oliver, the gift was none other than my house keys which will help me to unlock the door I ran to the door and unlocked it with my shaking hands when Oliver turned at me and said game over then shot himself in the head the last gunshot numbed in my ears, and I vomited on the house porch after witnessing so much in such a short period when the cops came and witnessed this bloodshed I just stood like a poor kid who wanted to run away as far as possible. Three of my friends died in the same night in front of me while playing this childhood game. That squid game was brought back to us once again. I wish we would never have treated Oliver like that; if we had been nice to him back then, things would have been different; all of my friends had been alive.

I hope you guys enjoy this Horror Story.

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