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The Drama serial Raqs-e-Bismil is one of the tops dramas of 2020. It is earning the attention of viewers day by day. The acting of its artists making it the most successful project. Shazia Wajahat is producing this serial. It was premiered on 25th December 2020 on Hum TV under showcase productions.

Actors are performing in this serial include Sarah Ali Khan, Imran Ashraf, Momin Saqib, Zara Shiekh, Anoushay Abbasi, Nida Mumtaz, Furqan Qureshi, Javeria Abbasi, Gul-e-Rana, Saleem Miraj, Mehmood Aslam, Farah Nadir, Rashid Farooqui. Imran Ashraf and Sarah Khan are playing a lead roles in this serial.

Sarah is a talented and one of the most beautiful Pakistani actresses. She is also known as Sarah Falak. Her spouse’s name is Falak Shabir. She is known for her role in Miral in the Pakistani Drama serial Sabaat. Her mesmerizing beauty always attracts the viewers.

Imran Ashraf is a Pakistani actor and writer. He is Awan by his cast. Imran started his acting career in 2011 and gained recognition and strong acclaim from viewers for the Pakistani Drama serial Dil Lagi, Alif ALLAH Aur Insaan, and Ranjha Ranjha Kardi. Now he is getting popular for his role in Raqs-e-Bismil. Viewers appreciate his acting massively. He has also been elected as the 2020 Ambassador for British Council.

Raqs E Bismil Story:

Drama Serial Raqs-e-Bismil is a tale of sacrifices in chasing true love. The whole story of this serial revolves around a girl named Sakina. She is a young girl and runs away from her house to marry her lover. Musa, Sakina’s cousin with his brother and waves his gun around and takes Sakina with him. After reaching home, Musa calls to everyone and reveals the secret of what Sakina will do. Sakina’s uncle Marries her with his son, Isa against her will.

After a week, Musa tells his mother, he will marry a girl if she wears a Hijab and covers her hands also, and she should be a very religious girl once he sees a girl named Zohra on a bus wearing Hijab and gloves. Musa gets attracted to her and started to follow her. She was a university girl. She proposes that girl, and she gives an address to reach at night there. When Musa comes there, he gets shocked that a modern party is going on and Zohra is dancing wearing jeans and a shirt. Musa receives a great shock and drags Zohra out of that party and asks her reality. In the reply, Zohra criticizes the standards set by men and explains to him that true love is not affected by the good or bad of the other person.

After some days, Musa decides to meet Zohra through a hawker by giving money. Hawker gives money to Anna Ji, and Anna g allows Zohra to meet with Musa. Musa takes Zohra out of her home and reaches a place where Zohra gets shocked to see the arrangements of Nikkah, and she criticizes his love by saying that his love is everything for him.

viewers got surprised to see Imran Ashraf in a new look in the drama serial Raqs-e-Bismil.

Raqs-e-Bismil OST:

The OST of the drama serial Raqs-e-Bismil is a very heart-touching track, and people like it very much in Pakistan, and Indians are listening to it and praising it. Farhat Abbas Shah writes this superb OST, and Vicky Akbar has sung it.

Raqs E Bismil Cast:


Actor’s Name


Imran AshrafMoosa
Sarah KhanZohra
Anoushay AbbasiSakina
Zara SheikhLaila
Momin SaqibIsa
Javeria AbbasiSakina’s Mother
Mehmood AslamPir Qudaratullah Shah
Nida MumtazMoosa’s mother
Gul-e-RanaANNA ji
Farah NadirSaeeda
Rashid FarooquiSaranga
Saleem MairajMurad a.k.a. Namurad
Furqan QureshiMalik Shahryar
Taha HumayunKamran
Farrukh Darbar
Benazir KhanChanda
Fariya HassanSitara
Shehzad Malik Pir FazalSitara’s father
Sajid ShahShehbaaz Gill
Azeem SajjadTauqeer
Tahir JatoiFaizi
Noor Alam



Do not miss to watch this serial on Hum TV every Friday at 08:00 PM.


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