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Pakistani drama industry is delivering quality content over the years. Every drama serial is presented with a different story which is acclaimed by viewers on a large scale. PYAR KE SADQAY is one of the Pakistani drama serials, caught the attention of people. Its different and romantic storyline hooked the viewers till its end.

Pyar Ke Sadqay Cast:



Yumna ZaidiMahjabeen
Bilal AbbasShahbaz
Omair RanaSarwar
Atiqa OdhoMansoora
Yashma GillShanzey
Malik RazaMunshi Jee
Salma HassanSeema
Gul-e-RanaSarwar’s mother
Sharmeen AliPho
Srha AsgharWashma
Khalid MalikDr


The drama serial PYAR KE SADQAY is a 2020 Pakistani drama. It was premiered on HUM TV on 23rd January 2020. This drama was directed by FAROOQ RIND and its story was written by ZANJABEEL ASIM SHAH. It was produced under MD Production by MOMINA DURAID. Its two lead roles are YUMNA ZAIDI and BILAL ABBAS while YUMSHA GILL, OMAIR RANA, and ATIQA ODO played supporting roles.

Drama Story:

The Drama serial PYAR KE SADQAY is a story of ABDULLAH ( BILAL ABBAS and MAHJABEEN ( YUMNA ZAIDI ). Both characters are social misfits. Mahjabeen character is innocent and ingenue. She is a carefree, clumsy, talkative, and mischievous young girl. She failed her matriculation several times. She is very innocent and fails to pick the social cues. Probably, she belongs to a lower-middle-class family.

On the other hand, ABDULLAH is a shy, soft-spoken, and socially awkward university student but he has god-gifted skills in mathematics. He comes from a wealthy, upbringing family and is mostly abused by his stepfather SARWAR ( OMAIR RANA ).

In this drama serial, both characters have been shown as daydreamers, who have different desires.

MAHJABEEN desires to be escaped from her studies and want to get married. One day, ABDULLAH dreams to have a relationship with his classmate SHANZEY ( USHMA GILL ) and calls her to explain his feelings. He also proposes to her for marriage but she rejects his proposal and makes him realize that he is a social misfit and cannot marry a normal girl.

ABDULLAH and MAHJABEEN know each other through her father MUNSHI JI who works for ABDULLAH’s family and business.

MAHJABEEN teases ABDULLAH on an occasion but they are not a close friend.

At the start of PYAR KE SADQAY, SARWAR feels soft feelings for MAHJABEEN and plots to trap her romantically. He wants to marry MAHJABEEN despite his first marriage with ABDULLAH’s mother.

On MAHJABEEN’s wedding day, she is rejected by her fiance because he is involved with his best friend. He denies marrying MAHJABEEN. ABDULLAH is present at Mahjabeen’s house at that time with his family. When people start to speak unwanted words about Mahjabeen’s fortune. He marries her and came back with Mahjabeen at his house. And at night, he calls to SHANZAY, to tell her about his marriage.

When this thing comes to Sarwar’s knowledge he gets infuriated. He plots to destroy Mahjabeen and Abdullah’s relationship. He tries to marry Mhjabeen with false means. He strictly orders Abdullah to stay away from Mahjabeen and do not have any husband-wife relationship.

Here Shanzay marries his cousin but it does not prove a happy marriage. She is not satisfied with her and takes a divorce. After getting a divorce, she contacts Abdullah and wants to build a relationship with him.

Here Sarwar plays a trick with Abdullah and appreciates him to continue her relationship with Shanzay and marry her when Abdullah tells him about his crush on Shanzay.

The Drama serial PYAR KE SADQAY takes a turn when Mhjabeen tells Abdullah about Sarwar’s thoughts but he is confused. Mahjabben insults the Sarwar and Abdullah sends her home back on account of his father’s insult. Police arrest the Munshi Ji on the account of Sarwar’s orders. Mahjabeen and her mother request Abdullah’s family to release the Munshi Ji and tell about the real face of Sarwar but they do not believe. One day, when MAhjabeen and her mother reach Abdullah’s house, he is doing engagement with Shanzay. Mahjabeen’s heart breaks into pieces and he loses the trust of Abdullah. They came back at their hose empty-handed.

Munshi Ji suffers a heart attack and died in jail. Before his death, Abdullah sister WASHMA who is unlike his brother Abdullah is a confident girl and lives with her aunt LALA RUKH, goes to jail to meet Munsi JI . sHe meets with Munshi JI and he tells the truth to Washma and requests her to take care of Mahjabeen because she is very innocent.

Here Abdullah proceeds to marry Shanzay because she has attempted suicide. Sawar fully helps him in this task. He also makes Mahjabeen and her mother scared on call but they do not get afraid and cut the call.

One day, when Mahjabeen is not getting well, Washma reaches her house and takes her to the hospital where she is declared to be pregnant.

Washma goes to her mother’s house and tells about the reality of Sarwar and explains that Munshi Ji was innocent. She also tells about Majhjabeen’s pregnancy. Abdullah’s mom leaves the Sarwar and police arrest him on the account of Abdullah’s mother’s orders. Abdullah also realizes that Mahjabeen is his true love and he breaks his relationship with Shanzay.

The Drama serial PYAR KE SADQAY ends when Abdullah takes Mahjabben to his house. The last of this serial is when Abdullah and Mahjabeen are quarreling.



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