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Drama serial Prem Gali is a romantic comedy play that got viewers’ attention on a large scale. It was premiered in 2020 on ARY Digital. Faiza Iftikhar and Qasim wrote its story and Ali Mureed directed this serial. Humayun Saeed worked as a producer of this serial. This play was aired under the shade of Six Sigma Plus.

Humayun is a talented personality of Pakistan. He has fame in Pakistani Dramas and the film industry due to his unique work and adorable acting skills. Recently, he did a speechless job in the blockbuster serial Mare Pass Tum Ho. Now, he is known as a Pakistani actor and producer. He is also a co-founder of the media production house Six Sigma Plus. Many television drama serials and commercial movies are produced under the shade of this production house.

Three main characters have worked in the drama serial Prem Gali such as Farhan Saeed, Sohai Ali Abro, and Anoushay Abbasi. All characters are the multi-talented personality of the Pakistan drama industry.

Farhan Saeed is a singer, composer, and actor who is much popular due to his work in Suno Chanda Season 1 and 2.

Anoushay Abbasi is a Pakistani actress, model, and former VJ. She started her acting career as a child artist at PTV and has worked as VJ on MTV Pakistan, Aag Tv, and Geo Tv.

Sohai Ali Abro is a Pakistani actress, dancer, and model. She is seen in Pakistani drama serials and films. She has gotten popularity from some serial such as Saat Pardon Mein, Tanhai, Khoya Khoya Chaand, Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Say, and blockbuster drama serial Pyaray Afzal.

Drama Story:

The whole story of the Drama serial Prem Gali revolves around two actors Farhan Saeed and Sohai Ali Abro, who worked in this serial as Hamza and Joya. The drama starts with the band of bachelors are Hamza, his grandfather ( Qavi Khan ), Paternal uncle ( Abdullah Farhatullah ), and father ( Waseem Abbas ). They will be shifted to their new small home, but the colony is lively and known by Prem Gali. At the moment, when Humza enters the neighbourhood. He sees a beautiful Joya and forgets to click his eyes. He falls in love with Joya, and this love becomes love at first sight. Joya and her family also live in Prem Gali, but their image is not good because they are considered infamous a d notorious due to the incidents of failed marriages running in the household. All persons at her house, from her grandmother Rahat ( Shamim Hilaly ), mother Shireen ( Saba Hameed ) to her aunt Musarrat ( Uzma Hassan ), all have gotten divorces and are much emotional in their ways. There also lives a loud landlord, who gives the upper floor of her house to Humza on rent and runs a marriage Bureau. She has an unmarried daughter named Fariya. Fariya runs a beauty parlour inside the hose. The story becomes funny when both families of Humza and Joya encounter each other.

After a great struggle of Humza, Joya succeeds in developing feelings of love in her heart for him. Both want to convert their love marriage into arranging a marriage and try for it because Joya’s mother is strongly against love marriages. She puts a strict condition before Joya; She will only accept the proposal of Humza if he agrees to live at their home with them as a Ghar Damad. Here conflict occurs due to this condition. Later on, after the struggle of Tau Hidayat, Joya’s mother finally agrees to this marriage. As a result, Joya and Humza got Married. After getting marriage, Joya and Humza got irritated by their families because they had to fight with the insecurities of their families.

Joya’s mother and grandmother give her different advice because they do not want Joya to get a divorce as they had gotten. On the other hand, Hamza’s father, grandfather, and uncle could not even stand the sneeze of Joya to die as their wives had died. Both Joya and Humza got irritated by their families’ Experiments and insecurities. They decide to run away from their house, and they act according to their plan, but they come back home after hearing the false news of grandfather’s heart attack. Later on, something sweet starts between Musarrat and Luqman. Musarrat had started living a happy life, but Luqman falls in love with her. Luqman sends his marriage proposal to her, but she denies it. Luqman tries for his marriage and assures her that she will be happy with him. After Luqman’s great struggles, in the last episode of the drama serial, Prem Ghali Luqman Nd Musarrat, both got married. The storyline of this drama series is colourful and depicts neighbourhood love and romance, which cannot be ignored. The combination of lives of young snd old bachelors is amazing. The story is full of comedy and romance. 

Prem Gali Drama Cast:



Farhan Saeed Hamza
Sohai Ali AbroJoya
Anoushay AbbasiFariha
Javed SheikhManzor
Qavi KhanDada Gee
Shamim HilalyRahat
Saba Hameed[Shireen
Waseem AbbasHatim
Uzma HassanMusarrat
Abdullah FarhatullahLuqman
Farah ShahHaseena
Faiza GillaniNargis
Ashraf KhanHidayat
Jinaan HussainYoung Shireen
Shahzad SheikhShireen’s Husband

Prem Gali Drama Episdoe :


Prem Gali Ost:

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