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ARY Digital always presents hit dramas that catch the attention of viewers and viewers are interested to watch them till their end. Another worth seeing drama serial Neeli Zinda Hai is broadcasting on ARY Digital. The drama story is full of thrill and suspense. This serial is presented under Six Sigma Plus. Adeel Razzaq has written this serial and Qasim Ali Mureed is producing it. It was released on May 1, 2021.

Urwa Hocane, Mohib Mirza, and Sonia Mishal are playing the lead role in this serial. Urwa Hocane is playing the role of Neeli, Mohib Mirza as Aman, and Sonia Mishal as Sumbul.

Neeli  Zinda Hai is the story of a couple of Aman and Sumbul and their little, innocent daughter Minal ( Tehreem Ali Hameed ).


This serial is broadcasting on ARY Digital every Thursday at 08:00 PM. Do not miss to watch this serial.

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The drama starts with the scene when Sumbul and Minal are sleeping on the bed and Aman is enjoying his morning tea while watching his wife and daughter. He has returned from Australia. Suddenly, Sumbhal awakes up after her husband’s presence in the room and washes her face, and runs towards the kitchen for preparing breakfast but there her mother-in-law is preparing breakfast. She insults her for awaking late and forbade her from making breakfast. Aman notices this thing.

Sumbul makes evening tea and takes two cups on the lawn and where her husband and mother-in-law are talking with each other. She is complaining to her son about the behavior of Sumbul. At that moment Sumbul reaches there and presents coffee to them. She asks her mother-in-law about cooking a meal and she replies rudely. Aman also notices this thing and asks Sumbul to sit and take tea with them but she goes from there. Again mother complains to Aman about her and Aman goes from there in an angry mood and reaches the kitchen where Sumbul is preparing a meal. He apologizes to Sumbul and requests her to settle their relation but she denies it and asks her she will set down all things but you will go away after destroying everything. Aman tells her that he will not go to Australia again.

At night, they go for a family dinner and enjoy with their daughter but his mother does not bear it. She is furious and waits for their return. When she hears the horn of the car she runs towards the gate and stops then in front of the door and asks questions from Aman. Aman gets furious and goes to his father and tells him that he wants to leave this house and shift to another house. Hia father allows him but her mother does not bear it. She insults Sumbul for it. At night Sumbul packs her clothes. When she goes to the washroom, her mother-in-law steals her shirt. When she comes out of the washroom, she warns her that her son will come back to her.

The 1st episode of the drama serial ends with the scene, when Aman, Sumbul, and their daughter enter the new house.

Neeli Zinda Hai Cast:



Urwa HocaneNeeli
Mohib MirzaAman
Sonia MishalSumbal
Tahreem Ali HameedMinal
Jinaan Hussain 
Aliya AliAlia
Osama Tahir 
Agha Mustafa Hassan 
Sana Fakhar 


Neeli Zinda Hai Episode 1:




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