Nausheen Shah Faces Criticism On Her Post For Being Unmarried

Pakistani actress Nausheen Shah faces criticism on her post for being unmarried in Pakistan.

Nausheen Shah

Nausheen Shah is a Pakistani actress and model. She is famous for the character of Dua in the Drama serial Pani Jaisa Pyar and Noor Jahan In Rehai. She has also worked in Several Pakistani serials, and her upcoming film is Jhol. After her remarkable performance in many serials, people started to know her as an actress. She is active on her social account and shares activities with her admirers.

Recently she shared a storyon her social account Instagram about being unmarried in Pakistan.

People are criticizing selection or words. She is faces backlash for this post. According to viewers, her inappropriate word has disappointed them greatly. She has also received comments to leave the country if she is not happy here. Many famous Pakistani personalities have taken notice of this post and passed remarks in favour and against her.

Let’s have a look at her Instagram Story.

Instagram Story:

Nausheen Shah

Pakistani designer Umer Saeed took objection to this post, writing in Urdu:

“Yeah, when you are unable to get married, despite all the efforts, this is what you end up saying to save your reputation.”

Geo news anchor Aneela Farooq appreciated Nausheen Shah for speaking the truth by saying.

” And if you are married but do not have children, everyone would rub it on your face a single day.”

A Twitter user also passed his remarks on this post by adding:

Nausheen Shah is right; it only happens here; people will remind you every day that you should get married ASAP they will make you feel like it is a failure as all your age fellows are married.. It never bothered me but only when they hurt my mother with this bukwas.”

Actor Adi Adeel Amjad criticized her on the selection of words and said:

If she was so unhappy, then maybe she should leave the country.”

Nausheen Shah


Nausheen Shah



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