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Munafiq Drama

Munafiq drama

Munafiq is a Pakistani drama serial that premiered on GEO Entertainment on 29, January 2020. It is produced by Abdullah & Asad Qureshi under sky entertainment.


Written byHina Huma Nafees
Directed bySaleem Ghanchi
Country of originPakistan
Original languageUrdu
No. of episodes60


ProducersAbdullah Kadwani

Asad Qureshi

LocationsKarachi, Pakistan
Camera setupMulti-camera setup
Production company7th Sky Entertainment
DistributorGeo TV


ChannelGeo Entertainment
Release Date27 January –

15 April 2020


Munafiq Cast:



Fatima EffendiUjala
Adeel ChaudhryArmaan
Mariyam NafeesSobia
Bilal QureshiHamza
Marina KhanSabiha Begum
Sajida SyedZareena
Sabiha HashmiArmaan’s grandmother
Mehmood AkhtarUjala’s Father
Agha TalalZohaib
Hira AhmadAnum
Owais SheikhRaza
Seemi PashaShaheen
Mizna WaqasRamsha
Imran RizviAdeel
Kainat AngelNoor


Drama Story:

Munafiq Drama is a family drama serial, aired on GEO T.v Entertainment. The whole drama surrounds Ujala’s character. She is belonging to middle family background. Ujala is a very nice girl, strong, and a believer. She fights against her family’s injustice. Her father and brother died due to the negligence of the factory owner (Armaan).

Sabiha Begum went to Ujala’s house & said to Ujala’s mother to compromise as a result of her father & brother’s death. Ujala agrees to marry Sabiha begum’s son Armaan for her poor family benefits.

In Munafiq Ujala’s new life surrounds her husband but her husband rejects her. Ujala survives alone with her in-laws. Armaan marries Sobia because he likes her first.

On the other hand, Armaan & Sobia’s friend Hamza trapped Ujala & convince her to marry him but Ujala didn’t agree.

Armaan & Sabiha begum just manipulate Ujala for the sake of Arman’s offspring because Sobia cannot be able to born a child. Sabiha begum makes a plan & traps Ujala to come back home. But Hamza tells a true story TO Ujala about Sabiha begum & Armaan. But Ujala doesn’t believe in Hamza & clears that Armaan is fair with me. With the passage of time, Hamza fell in Love with Ujala.

When Ujala gives birth to Armaan’s Son. Sabiha Begum & Armaan told to Ujala her baby was dead. But after few days Armaan & Sabiha begum come to the house with an adopted baby boy that was actually the son of Ujala. After some time, this truth was revealed to Ujala by DNA test & Sabiha begum rejects to accept this reality. Sabiha begum, to save her political career devises a scheme & plays with Ujala’s life & ruins her life.

At the end, of Drama Armaan faces trouble due to his diplomatic behaviour with Ujala. Sabiha Begum, against election member, kidnapped her son Armaan for the property but Sabiha still refused his proposal against the freedom of her son.

But Armaan’s died due to his mother’s lust for the property. Sabiha Begum was arrested because of her hypocrisy & manipulation of people’s life. Ujala meets with her son & forgives Sabiha Begum.

Drama Munafiq delivers massage how people play with others lives who don’t stay on their words and ruins others’ lives & pretend to be honest in front of the world but after they pay from their lives & suffer same difficulties & also suffer ALLAH’s judgment that how he protects to innocent people.

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Munafiq Drama Munafiq Drama

Munafiq Drama

Munafiq Drama

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