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Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida is a famous Pakistani drama, which caught the attention of viewers on a large scale. It was premiered on HUM tv from 17th June 2020 to 13th January 2021. It is one of the melodious Pakistani television series. BARKAT SIDDIQI and ZAYED SHEIKH produced this serial and ABDUL KHALIQ KHAN wrote its story. This play is loosely based on the FOLK TALE of LILA CHANESAR. The main characters of this serial are ZAHID AHMED, SONYA HUSSAIN, and MANSHA PASHA.

At the start, the name of this serial was AYE DIL ZRA SAMBHAL, latter its title was replaced by MOHABBAT TUJHE ALVIDA. ZAHID AHMED is playing the lead role of SHAHAAN, who is an average middle-class man, working in a company and trying hard for taking comfort in the life of his wife ULFAT and his children. SONYA HUSSAIN is playing the role of ULFAT, the wife of SHAHAAN. MANSHA PASHA is playing the character of SHAFAQ, who is the second wife of SHAHAAN . She is presented as a rich and glamorous girl and helping her father in his business. At the start, the role of SHAFAQ was offered to ARMEENA KHAN but to some date clashes, she was replaced by MANSHA PASHA. Mansha and Zahid Ahmed second time appeared on screen after completing their project TAU DIL KA KIA HUWA. After completing project ISHQ ZAHE NASEEB, SONYA HUSSAIN and ZAHID AHMED collaborated the second time in this play.

The OST of Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida was composed and performed by SAHIR ALI BAGGA with AFSHAN FAWAD and the lyrics of this song were given by Major IMRAN RAZA. The first half of this OST was released on 12th 2020 June and complete Ost was presented on tv screen on 17th June 2020.

Drama Story:

The drama serial MOHABBAT TUJHE ALVIDA revolves around three characters Ulfat, Shahaan, and Shafaq. Shafaq is living in a middle-class family and desires to become rich. She wants to spend life like rich people. She has been married to her cousin Shahan. Both love each other from the bottom of their hearts. Shahaan struggled hard to meet the needs of his Ulfat and his child. He makes every attempt to keep his wife happy.

Shahaan works in the office of Shafaq’s father and at some incidents, Ulfat meets with Shafaq. She has often listened to some talks about Shafaq from her husband. After meeting with Shafaq, she is much inspired by her lifestyle. Shafaq loves Shahaan and wants to marry him but he could not do o because Shahaan was married and loved a lot her wife. Shafaq realizes Ulfat’desire and offers a proposal of money to Ulfat and asks her to give Shahaan a return legally. Ulfat thinks about it and tries to convince her husband for second marriage. She also receives some amount from Shafaq and tries to fulfill her promise by convincing Shahaan for second marriage.

At last, she succeeds in her attempts but when Shahaan asks the name of that girl with whom he will be married, he gets shocked after knowing her name. He denied, but before her wife’s wish, he could not deny marrying.

Shahaan marries Shafaq but still, he loves a lot Ulfat. Shafaq gives money to Ulfat according to her promise but Shahaan is unaware of their dealing.

But through some resources, he knows about it and one day, on the dining table he tells a story to her mother about a person’s wives who bargained for their husband just for money. He tells this story as the story of his friend TAAIMOOR. He has known the truth and wants to make his wives speak the truth in front of his mother. But both deny that they cannot do such a thing because both love him very much.

On the next day, in the morning, when Shafaq and Ulfat are talking with the mother of Shahaan, Shahaan comes there and reveals the truth before his mother about how his wives bargain with him. His mother does not believe him but when both Ulfat and Shafaq tell the whole truth, Shahaan’s mother does not bear this bitter reality and orders Ulfat to leave her house. Suddenly, she falls and dies on the spot. It is a great loss for Ulfat and Shahaan . After offering his mother’s funeral, Shahaan orders to ULfat and Shafaq to leave her house and gives them time for leaving till the next day’s morning.

The next day, in the morning, both leave the Shahaan’s house. Shafaq goes to her father’s house where her father angrily says that she has done wrong love cannot be purchased with money. Ulfat goes into her apartment which she has purchased from the money sent by Shafaq.

Ulfat does not feel well and goes to the hospital for a checkup where she is revealed to a patient of cancer. She decides to fill the heart of Shahaan and his son with deep hate for her. So, he decides to treat badly to her husband and son.

One day, when Shahaan goes to the office, Shafaq comes into his office and requests her to change his decision to leave the office but Shahaan does not listen to her and leaves the office but when he reaches his house, Ulfat has taken her child with her. He comes to Ulfat’s apartment and asks her about his son. Ulfat does his make-up well and dresses up nicely and comes before Shahaan having a cigarette in her hand to drop her bad impression on her husband. Her husband tries to take her son with him but she does not allow him and threats him, she will not allow her son to meet his father ever. Shahaan gets infuriated and tells her that he will get his child through the court. Ulfat asks her then they will meet in court. When he comes back to his house, finds Shafaq there. He asks her why she is here. She admits her all mistakes and apologizes by demanding one chance more.

The next day, Shahaan and Shafaq go to a lawyer’s office and send a notice to Ulfat for the child’s custody. Ulfat loses the case and automatically Shahaan succeeds to get his son.

Ulfat’s health breaks down rapidly and one day, she has been taken to hospital. Lady servant NOORI calls Shahan and tells him about Ulfat. Shahaan goes to the hospital, sees Ulfat, and convinces Ulfat to go home with him. She agrees and comes into the house where she tries to enjoy every moment with her husband and asks Shafaq to make a promise with her, she will take care of her child as a mother and will not make him feel her absence. Shafaq makes a promise to her.

In the last scene of the drama serial MOHABBAT TUJHE ALWIDA, Ulfat wears a dress frock and waits for her husband. She spends time with her and asks him to lay in the courtyard on the floor with her, she wants to enjoy this moment with her. While talking with Shahaan , she takes her last breath. When Shahann stretches her arm and asks her t get up and notices that she is no more. He does not believe and cries!

Drama Cast:



Zahid AhmedShahaan
Sonya HussynUlfat
Mansha PashaShafaq
Jawed SheikhWajahat
Sajida SyedFarzana
Mizna Waqas Mansoor
Muzaina MalikN/A

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida Episode 1:

Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida OST:

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