Khuda Aur Muhabbat Season 3 Reviews And Public Opinions

As we know that everything has its bad and negative impacts. People criticize things according to their likes and dislikes. Every drama serial gets the public’s positive and negative remarks which favorably and unfavorably affect the popularity of dramas. Here, we share some public’s negative and positive remarks on this season.


  • In India and South Africa, people are watching the drama series KHUDA AUR MUHABBAT SEASON 3 regularly and liking it highly. The most beautiful thing is that they are excited about this drama series and appreciate every episode enthusiast without passing any negative remarks. In every corner of Pakistan, this drama serial is acclaimed on a large scale. One million views were observed after premiering the first episode of this drama.
  • Some people expect that this season will beat the other seasons of drama serial and Mere Paas Tum Ho because viewers are much excited about this drama and cannot wait for a week to watch its next episode and recommended that it should be premiered for seven days in a week. Some people say that it is a super-duper drama and have no words to speak about this drama. Some say that it is much emotional, and they cannot stop their tears while watching it. Some viewers think that this drama is a massive project of Pakistan and will record in the Pakistani drama industry. Some people are ranking it no one drama of Pakistan.
  • People appreciate this drama in India and Pakistan by saying that Pakistani dramas are reality-based and their content is always attractive. The storyline of all dramas is worth seeing, and KHUDA AUR MOHABBAT SEASON 3 is also catching the attention of viewers, which travels from Ishq-e-Mijazi to Ishq-e-Haqiqi. Its romantic and spiritual story is liked by viewers massively.
  • Viewers appreciate the excellent combination of senior and young artists in this season, and they think assigning the lead role to FEROZE  was a correct decision because he is doing justice with his character and no one can play such roles in better ways. Some people comment that his acting skills are outstanding; he can nail every character. Some Indians are considering the FEROZE as the best actor in the Pakistani drama industry. His acting in this drama likes on a large scale. On the other side, people are also enjoying the acting of Iqra Aziz due to her unmatchable acting skills in the Pakistani drama industry.
  • Viewers are also liking the OST of this season and commending it due to the legend RAHAT FATEH ALI KHAN’S voice. Some Indians and Pakistanis mention that its OST is heart-touching, always makes goosebumps in the body and its poetry is unparalleled. Some viewers are saying this OST is fire. They add something more about its playback singer by saying that he did a remarkable job. Unrespecting feedback is receiving from the public on its OST. Some people comment that when they apply earbuds and hear this song, they feel unmatchable peace and pleasure. Its poetry is also much liking by the public, especially some lines reflecting their hearts’ feelings. The lines are:

                    Bheegi bheegi palkon mein akas tera rehta hai

                    Aankh sy chalak jaye to pyar tera behta hai


Krun sajda aik khuda ko, paron kalma ya main dua doun




Dil tuj peh fida huwa, kambakht shok sy tabah huwa


Viewers also appreciate its dialogues, and the most liked dialogue is

” Aaj tum nay aik masoom dil tora hai par is dil tootanay ki goonjh tumhain umer bhar sunaie daiti rahy gi.”

  • People are appraising the 7TH SKY ENTERTAINMENT’S efforts by saying that 7TH SKY ENTERTAINMENT’S dramas are always superb. It is doing adorable work in this regard.

Peoples are also like its choreography and cinematography.


  • Some people criticize drama getting shocked after seeing how boys fall in love so quickly and so deeply. It seems awkward to some extent!
  • Some viewers are only watching it just for fun and to amuse themselves.
  • Some people think that it is not better than the other two seasons. Those seasons were much better than it. They were fascinating for SEASON 3 of the drama serial KHUDA OR MUHABBAT, but they were disappointed after seeing some episodes, and some are saying that they started to watch SEASON 3 due to season 2 of KHUDA OR MUHABBAT.
  • Some people are commenting It “the funniest announcement,” Parda kerlo.”
  • Viewers are badly criticizing the way and style of hijab and say that they are not getting about MAHI’S HIKAB. Some are thinking that through this way, they are making a joke of deen and HIJAB. A girl who priors HIJAB how he can put off her hijab in a marriage’s function and dance before everyone. When she returns to her house, she becomes PARDA NASHEEN.
  • Some people consider it a boring love story, and they already know that Iqra Aziz will marry another person and FARHAD will become a DEVDAS.
  • Some viewers are saying that KHUDA OR MUHABBAT SEASON 3′ is based on ABDULLAH’s novel, but in drama, the story has been spoiled entirely.
  • Some people consider it an old story, and as usual, the male actor is too much poor. The girl is too rich, but when a girl marries a rich person, the male actor should leave the space after knowing the main difference. Still, it looks funny to see FARHAD a stubborn lover after hearing rejection for his love in this drama.
  • Some viewers consider a suicide squad and say that the next part is making worse to make the last part look better. Some think that its story is so hyped and slow
  • Some people are criticizing the scenes of MAZARS and BABAS. Some are talking about the role of BABA at MAZAAR as fun.
  • Some are commenting that they were much exciting after watching the trailer of this drama. It has become much irritating, and people think that they are ruining KHUDA OR MOHABBAT’s legacy.

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