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Lost phone: A Short Tale Story:


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Getting random texts from wrong numbers has become a norm in today’s society. While most of these interactions are ended quickly by saying the wrong number, mine was different as I found a friend in the random stranger who texted me. It was great at first, but I was left with nothing but a chilling Tale to Tell for the rest of my life by the end of the whole ordeal. My name is Daisy Moore, and I was 14 years old when this incident happened. I had just entered the hill that was high school, and I sure wasn’t ready for it. My dad, Mr. Moore, an amazing father, was also the janitor at my high school, and that didn’t sit well with people as they stigmatized me for it. The first few weeks were brutal; I was alone. I had no friends to talk to, and to top it off, and I didn’t even have a phone as my dad had a lot of bills to worry about after the first month. I was sure I would lose it and drop out by the end of the week; something exceptional happened. I was walking out of class when my dad walked up to me and said, ” Hey, Daisy, look what I got from the lost and found. Then he proceeded to show me an iPhone. Before I could say anything, he continued with I know I can’t afford to buy you one, and you’ve been wanting one for a while now, so I decided to give it to you as it has been sitting in the lost and found for over a year. Now I remember tearing up a bit as it was a huge deal for me because I didn’t grow up in a rich home. I learned to appreciate everything given to me, even though I knew he didn’t buy it. It was the thought that counted. I then hugged my dad and thanked him for the gift. After that, I made my way home with a huge smile as I held my first iPhone in my hand. That night before I went to bed, I got a text from an unknown number. I found it odd as I had no friends who would text me. So I knew that the person probably texted me by accident. I opened the text to see a message that read hi, I’m Nathan. Then I responded with I’m sorry; I think you have the wrong number my text was then quickly replied with nope, I’m sure it’s the right number because I know every single digit like it’s my number. I was a bit perplexed by his response. Before I could say anything, the stranger called Nathan immediately changed the topic by saying, ” Tell me about yourself ” From there, one thing led to another. Before I knew it, we hit it off as we began to talk all through the night. A few months had passed since the night I met Nathan, and I talked to him every single time. I had a chance to. I’d gotten to know him pretty well as I found out that he was just a year older than me and that he was also struggling to make it through high school. The latter gave us a lot of common ground to talk about; we also had a lot of similar interests and hobbies, which made talking to him always worthwhile, and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. I had noticed that there were a few odd things about Nathan, for starters. I knew we lived in the same town, so when Nathan would say things like it’s cold out here in the middle of the summer. When I was sure the sun was scorching people outside, I’d always become confused. In addition to that, I also noticed that whenever I asked Nathan to send me a picture of himself, he always looked pale in the pictures. He sent, and he was constantly sitting in a school bus every picture while I knew that these weird occurrences weren’t normal. I didn’t say anything about it as he was the only friend I had to talk to; I also didn’t care about it, as I just assumed that he was going through a weird phase like every other kid in high school. At the time, I said to myself that nothing would make me stop talking to him. As I knew that even if we hadn’t met in real life, he was the first true friend I had gotten in a long while. Still, by the next Monday morning, I began to second-guess that decision as a horrific realization had dawned on me that the school had gathered all the students in the hall to watch a tribute video on Monday morning. Once everyone had settled down, the school began to play a video immemorial of the 15 students who died in a terrible accident last winter. When they were going for an excursion on the school bus, they explained how the bus swerved off the road and crashed into the mildly frozen lake. The ice gave way under the weight of the bus, and both the driver and all the children died in the freezing water. As the bus sunk deeper, now I knew all about the incident as it was a tragedy that shook our entire little town, but I wasn’t prepared for what happened next as they began to show the pictures of the dead children. Everything was fine till the end of the slideshow as the last picture read in honour of the principal son, Nathan Walker, who also tragically died in the accident. I stopped dead as I saw them display the picture of the same person I had been talking to for the past six months. Chills went up to my spine as I was temporarily paralyzed with fear. Our school principal Mr Walker then took to the stage to give a touching speech. He spoke for a while, but he finally ended the speech; I tried to call him that morning, but apparently, he had lost his phone. There’s nothing in this world that I wouldn’t give to hear his voice. One last time I left the hall after that, feeling shook. My dad had noticed, so he asked me if I was okay. I told him. I was fine, and I was having a bad day when I got home that day; I began to frantically text Nathan asking him all a manner of questions but instead of receiving his usually quick replies, nothing but silence answered. It took me a few weeks to realize that he had completely ghosted me as he stopped replying to any of my texts; going through the incident’s aftermath alone was driving me insane. So I tried to tell my dad but the concerned look on his face when I told him that I had been talking to the principal’s dead son for about six months made me reconsider my decision as I immediately passed it off as a joke. I still tried to tell other people when I got the chance, but no one believed me except the school principal, Mr Walker. I don’t know why I decided to talk to him about it, but I was scrambling for solutions, realizing that no one else would understand except his father. After telling him everything happened, Mr Walker got up, hugged me and cried. He then told me that he believed me as he knew without a doubt that the iPhone I held in my hand belonged to his very own son, Nathan walker. I’m 24 years old now, and I can still remember every detail of this incident over ten years ago. while it was a very creepy experience, I managed to be at peace with it and see the whole ordeal in a lighter tone, apart from a frightening incident. it did give me a lot of bragging rights, as nowadays, I always tell people I once had an iPhone that could talk to the dead.

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