Fitrat Drama Reviews And Public Opinion


FITRAT – Reviews and opinions:

The audience is much delighted to see the SABOOR ALI, performing a completely different role in Drama Serial Fitrat. The audience always saw her by performing sad and emotional roles in most dramas. Overall views of the audience are in favour of this drama. This drama is considered one of the most critical dramas in the Pakistani drama industry, but viewers also condemn the bolded scenes of this serial.

  • I thought this type of boldness does not suit Pakistani dramas because it is not part of our culture and traditions. Pakistani families do not take it positively and like to watch such scenes with their children. Every country is trying to promote its culture in the world through dramas and movies, but through our dramas, we are announcing the Western culture in Pakistan by putting aside MUSLIM culture. Pakistani dramas are famous throughout the world just because of the purity of actual content, and our dramas are the realistic reflection of our culture.
  • After watching some episodes, we can easily guess that this is one of the typical dramas and resembles the Indian dramas with many unreal and unrealistic twists. Those are common and spread in FITRAT drama serial.

If you watch this drama, you may answer the following questions.

  • Is that funny to have a thing in a drama that a brother cannot see his sister-in-law before marriage?
  • Why, nowadays, are extramarital affairs being a common thing in Pakistani dramas? Are they essential to uplift the storyline?
  • What is the actual purpose of presenting such type content and material in Pakistani dramas?


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