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Fitrat Drama Cast:



Saboor Aly Fariya
Ali AbbasShahbaz
Mirza Zain Baig[Arbaaz
Zubab RanaRafiya
Zain AfzalBilal
Sabiha HashmiShahbaz, Arbaaz and Alizeh Grand Mother
Seemi PashaShahbaz, Arbaaz and Alizeh Mother
Saife HassanShahbaz, Arbaaz and Alizeh’s father
Fazila QaziMaliha’s mother
Farhan AliAgha as Maliha’s father
Adla KhanMaliha
Ayesha GulSadia
Kamran JilaniKhalid
Mariyam NafeesAlizeh
Sadaf AshanMaliha’s Mother
Raeed Muhammad AlamHaris

Fitrat Drama Episode 1:

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Fitrat Drama Episode 1

Fitrat Pakistani drama Story:

FITRAT Drama Serial is a Pakistani drama which was premiered on GEO T.V. It has a worth watching story and performance of all characters is amazing and commendable. This drama was produced by ABDULLAH KADWANI and ASAD QURESHI under the shade of 7th sky entertainment. It was directed by ASAD JABAL and plot of this drama was written by NUZHAT SAMAN. This serial was shown from 2nd November, 2020to 30th January, 2021. Last episode of this drama was premiered on 30th January, 2021. The main characters of Drama Serial Fitrat are SABOOR ALI [FARIYA], ALI ABBAS [SHEHBAZ], ZAIN BAIG [ARBAZ], ZUBAB RANA [RAFIA], MARYAM NAFEES [ ALIZAY ], AYESHA GULL [ SADIA], ADLA KHAN [MALIHA], KAMRAN JILANI [KHALID], RAEED MUHAMMAD ALAM [HARIS].

The story of drama serial FITRAT revolves around a girl who is greedy and selfish and only loves money and does not care of others’ emotions. Moreover, she finds her way out of poverty specially through shortcuts. This role is bit similar of SABOOR ALI in another drama serial GUL-O-GULZAR but with more twists and full of surprise. Fariya is the eldest daughter of her family and has two other siblings, a sister RRAFIA and a brother HARIS. Both are different in nature from FARIYA and have sober personality with cool temperament. They always select the honest way to get success and do not like FARIYA just because of her mean nature and shortcuts. Their father dies when they are in young stage of life and their widow mother works in a factory to meet the needs. At start, her nature resembles FARIYA’s nature and she receives monthly, the huge amount of money from FARIYA without asking how with an intermediate qualification, she is earning handsome amount. This thing urges the FARIYA to earn money by dishonest means. Drama starts with the married life of FARIYA and SHEHBAZ. FARIYA is an employee of SHEHBAZ and after playing many tricks gets SHEHBAZ’S sympathy. She gets married with SHEHBAZ. SHEHBAZ keep his marriage secret from his family and provides a house to FARIYA for living in Islamabad. He visits the FARIYA in Islamabad and asks his family the reason to visit Islamabad, the completion of business’s projects’ sincere with FARIYA but she shows love only to get SHEHBAZ’s wealth. That’s why, in the absence of SHEHBAZ, she calls other men at house, spends time with them and receives money. One day SHEHBAZ knows this bitter truth and realizes that he has selected a characterless girl as a life partner. finally, he divorces the FARIYA.FARIYA receives the orders of court to leave the house. At that time, she decides to take revenge from SHEHBAZ. After some days, she reaches at mother’s house and one day, she meets with SHEHBAZ’S brother ARBAZ on the road when he is not feeling well due to his illness and is near to fall on the road. She drops ARBAZ at his house.

on the other side, at the same time RRAFIA meets with ARBAZ when she is coming out from a shop. That time, ARBAZ is near to fall on road, she holds him and run to bring a bottle of water. With the passage of time, she falls in love with ARBAZ but ARBAZ falls in love with FARIYA and start to date each other daily.

Family decides to marry SHEHBAZ with MALIHA and they both get married. MALIHA loves SHEHBAZ a lot and SHEHBAZ also has soft corner for MALIHA but due to the fear of losing her, he does not have courage to tell MALIHA about his past.

ARBAZ proposes FARIYA for marriage and takes her at his house where FARIYA meets with ARBAZ’S FAMILY and sees the SHEHBAZ ‘S picture. She asks from ARBAZ about this picture and knows that ARBAZ is a SHEHBAZ’S brother and she decides to marry ARBAZ. ARBAZ’S family also accepts the choice of ARBAZ and goes at FAARIYA’S house to take her hand from FARIYA’S mother.

Due to some business’s projects, SHEHBAZ has to go out of city urgently and ARBAZ gets married FARIYA. SHEHBAZ does not see the face of FARIYA. After returning from Islamabad, SHEHBAZ faces the FARIYA and wants to tell ARBAZ about FARIYA’s reality but he cannot do so after seeing ARBAZ’S love intensity for FARIYA.

After marriage, FARIYA blackmails to SHEHBAZ and demands money. SHEHBAZ gives money to FARIYA but her demands exceed day by day. With the passage of time, this thing comes in the knowledge of ARBAZ but ARBAZ thinks wrong to SHEHBAZ because FARIYA has brain washed of ARBAZ and clears her side.

When one day SHEHBAZ goes in a hotel room to meet FARIYA on FARIYA’S demand and ARBAZ reaches there and slaps the FARIYA. Whole family knows about SHEHBAZ and FARIYA marriage and leaves the SHEHBAZ alone by considering him but MALIHA stands with SHEHBAZ because SHEHBAZ has already told everything to her. On other hand FARIYA demands divorce from ARBAZ but ARBAZ does not want to leave her. As a result, ARBAZ’S health is breaking down rapidly. At last, ARBAZ divorces to FARIYA and SHEHBAZ succeeds to prove himself innocent before ARBAZ and his whole family and both brothers start living happily and friendly.

But story does not end here, FARIYA again blackmails SHEHBAZ to get money and spend time with BILAL who is cheating to FARIYA because he marries with another girl but claims to have soft feelings for FARIYA.

Here KHALID who is the second father of FARIYA, after the death of FARIYA’S mother, teases to AFIYA because AFIYA lives alone at her hose and HARIS has gone to abroad to complete his study and for job’s purpose. KHALID make an illegal NIKAH NAMA and shows to all mohalas’ people and tells them that AFIYA is his wife. One day, he tries to take her with him and nobody helps her but that time ARBAZ reaches there but she does not tell her anything and after going him she locked her house’s door. KHALID threats her from the wall and AFIYA runs to save her dignity and catches a rickshaw but he chases her. At last RAFIA reaches at ARBAZ’S house door where SHEHBAZ meets with her and takes her inside the home. RAFIA tells the whole story and the family asks her to live with them. RAFIA starts living there but when this thing comes in the knowledge of FARIYA, she comes and takes RAFIA with her at her apartment where BILAL sees to RAFIA. But after some days, AFIYA leaves the FARIYA’S apartment.

For getting business tender, BILAL asks FARIYA to provide him AFIYA and offers a huge amount to FARIYA because those days FARIYA needs money due to severe shortage of money. FARIYA already has known the there is another younger sister of her from her second father and lives in DARUL EMAAN, here she uses another trick and contacts with RAFIA to call her outside the house to carry her with her to hand over the BILAL. She tells her that SONI’S health is not good and she has received call from DARUL EMAN and tells RAFIA to come with her at DARUL EMAN. But RAFIA calls at DARUL EMAAN and confirms about SONI’S health but she is safe and sound. So, FARIYA fails to proceed her plan with BILAL. Then, she thinks about ALIZAY, goes at her university and meets with ALIZAY and makes a fake call and informs ALIZAY about RAFIA’ accident which is untrue. ALIZAY request to go with FARIYA to see the RAFIA’S condition. Through this way, RAFIYA hand over the ALIZAY to BILAL. BILAL takes her at a farthest apartment where he misuses the ALIZAY himself and also another person misuses her who offers the tender to BILAL.

ALIZAY’S family searches ALIZAY but they fail to find her. At last, they report to police and police also searches ALIZAY. Now days, HARIS is in Pakistan, he, with ARBAZ also finds to ALIZAY. At last, he succeeds to find the exact location. On the other side, BILAL wants to release ALIZAY. One night, when police to held search operation, HARIS also goes with ARBAZ. That night, when BILAL put ALIZAY in car to leave her at an unknown place, he sees police at roads and he turn his car and drop the ALIZAY on a rocky place where ALIZAY ‘S head hits the stones and she gets deep injury in her head and loses her senses. Coincidently, ARBAZ and HARIS pass from that road and see the peoples’ crowd. HARIS goes there and finds the ALIZAY there and they take the Alizay to hospital. Whole family reaches there, doctors operate the ALIZAY but she is not in her senses and not in a position to give statement to police.

With the passage of time, she turns toward the normal life but that incident always teases her and she is not mentally stable. Family decides to marry ALIZAY. Here RAFIA demands ALIZAY’S hand for HARIS from ALIZAY’S family because HARIS loves ALIZAY a lot and ALIZAY also has soft feelings for HARIS. ALIZAY’S family accepts this proposal ant they marry the ALIZAY and HARIS.

On the other side, FARIYA blackmails the SHEHBAZ to get money to go abroad and tells the SHEHBAZ that he has a daughter from her where is living now days in DARUL EMAN and her name is SONI. On SHEHBAZ’s demand, she prepares all proofs from hospital which proves that SONI is FARIYA’S daughter and also meets the SONI with SHEHBAZ. FARIYA demands money from SHEHBAZ and tells him to divorce the MALIHA and marry her. Maliha tries to convince SHEHBAZ to marry FARIYA after divorcing her otherwise, for the sake of money FARIYA will sell her daughter to another person but SHEHBAZ does not agree with MALIHA.

On the other side, BILAL cheats FARIYA and her FRIED by giving them a bogus cheques and goes to abroad. Police finds the car which was involved in the activity of kidnapping of ALIZAY. At last, they find the name of FARIYA then FARIYA contacts KHALID to give her a safe shelter and he provides a house at KATCHI ABAADI. She lives there and contacts BILAL to send her money to go away from here because police offers a huge amount as a reward on social media to arrest the kidnapper BILAL promises her to send money. FARIYA also offers huge amount to KHALID to reach her at the farthest place where people do not aware of the world and net also must not be there. KHALID agrees but it came in his knowledge that he has a daughter from SADIA and goes to draw the record of his daughter but on record papers there is not his name in the father’s name box.

MALIHA and SHEHBAZ with whole family, reach at HARIS’S house and ask RAFIA to give them SONI. They want to make her their daughter. RAFIA agrees and they take SONI with them at their house. Next morning, when SHEHBAZ comes back from his office, KHALID meets him at SHEHBAZ’S hose door and tells him that SONI is his daughter and demands money in return of SONI. SHEHBAZ tells him that he has paid a cheque of huge amount to FARIYA and holds his corner by saying that FARIYA has sent you to receiver money but she is escaped how do you know about her, you are a partner of FARIYA. Then KHALID tries to release himself and succeeds to run away but SHEHBAZ INFORMS to police and chases him. BILAL sent two persons and they killed the FARIYA. KHALID reaches there and finds the dead FARIYA he tries to run away but police reach there on time and arrests the KHALID. The news of FARIYA ‘S death is broadcasted in news on T.V channels. HARIS, ALIZAY, RAFIA and SHEHBAZ ‘s family see this news on T.V.

At the end of Drama Serial Fitrat, whole family of ARBAZ, goes at HARIS ‘S house and demands the hand of RRAFIA for ARBAZ. HARIS agrees and complete the RASAM of ring wearing. Drama ends with the happy ending of HARIS’ ALIZAY, RRAFIA, ARBAZ, SHEHBAZ and MALIHA. It is said true the consequences of good deeds are good and bad deeds are bad.

Fitrat Ost:

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