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Ahde wafa drama


Ehd-E-Wafa or Ahde Wafa drama is a great serial which is created by ISPR (Inter-Service Public Relations). A show related to four friends as they leave high school & start their practical life. Before discussing this story. We will discuss its production team & Stars. The narration of comedy, Friendship, series.

Ehd-E-Wafa Drama Cast:



Osman Khalid ButtMalik Shahzain Khan
Ahmed Ali AkbarShehryar Afzal
Ahad Raza MirSaad Faraz
Alizeh ShahCaptain Dr Dua
Zara Noor AbbasRani
Wahaj AliShariq Habib
Hajra YaminRamsha
Momina IqbalMasooma
Vaneeza AhmedFaryal
Adnan Samad KhanCaptain Gulzar
Komal MeerRameen
Faraz Inam SiddiquiFaraz Inam
Syed Muhammad AhmedMalik Allahyar
Khalifa Sajeer UddinFirdous
Mian Wassam WaheedShahid Ahmed
Ejaz Ahmed NiaziMaster
Azeem SajjadMalik Yar Mohammad
Naeema Naeem ButtGhazala
Anjum HabibiLaal Khan
Munazzah ArifShahzain’s mother
Humayun SaeedHumayun
Afraz RasoolAmeesh Goswami



Producer:            Momina Duraid

Written by:         Mustafa Afridi

Directed by:        Saife Hassan

Composer:          Sahid Ali Bagga, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Drama Theme: Ehd-E-Wafa  by Asim Azhar, Ali Zafar, Sahir Ali Bagga, Aima Baig, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Country:              Pakistan

Language:           Urdu

Season:                01

Episodes:             25

Camera Setup:  Multi-Camera

Running Time:   42-44 Minutes (Maximum)

Production Company Name:       MD. ISPR

Aired on:              Hum TV Network


Network:             PTV Home, HUM TV

Picture:                PAL 576i 1080i (HDTV)

Show in:               Pakistan

Released:            22-09-2019 to 15-03-2020

Ehd e Wafa Drama Story:

Drama Serial Ehd e Wafa or Ahde Wafa story totally about four friends who fully enjoy one another’s company. And called themselves the SSG Group. Because all their names start with “S” Saad, Shahzain, Shariq & Shehryar, they all studied at Lawrence College in Murree. Saad belongs to a high-status family. His father is a brigadier (Major General) “Faraz Inam”. His mother is Doctor & Sister “Rahmeen” is an artist. “Shahzain” belongs to a rich family & live in a village. His grandfather, “Malik Allahyar” in the closet of his. Shahyar’s family belongs to middle status. His father earning way is depending on the band. Shariq’s family contains his mother & Sister “Ghazala”.

Many times they bunk college at night & once time they caught by hostel headmaster “Firdos Baig”. They are receiving a warning from “Firdos Baig”. But the SSG group doesn’t bother with warnings & continues to bunk college. One day they met with “Dua” and his cousins.

 “Dua” comes from Rawalpindi & visiting her cousins “Aisha & Raheel” in Murree. Raheel is going to be conscious about “Dua”, but “Dua” dislikes & avoids him. On that day “Saad” immediately recognized “Dua”. “Saad,” tells about crush about “Dua” to Shahzain. But he didn’t dare to say the “Dua” about his passion, feeling about her. But “Shahzain” encourages “Saad” that he goes to “Dua” & asks her name & living place. But “Saad” didn’t.

 After a few days, they again met “Dua”, “Shariq” see “Dua” & tell her to other three “Saad, Shahzain, & Shahyar”. They immediately rush to her start to introduce themselves & tell about “Saad”. Unfortunately, “Dua’s” cousins come here & thinking they were harassing “Dua” & start a fight with them. Police arrived & arrested “Saad & Raheel” in custody.

“Dua’s” parents file complaint against “Saad”. This becomes the reason for the separation between SSG. But “Shariq” does not involve in all situations. “Saad” Slapped on “Shahzain’s” face, because he made fun in front of “Dua”. In Drama Serial Ehd-E-Wafa they rusticated from the hostel. But there is no action taken against “Shariq”. The four friends separate & live their lives according to them. All of them presents in the Exam, but “Shahzain” didn’t. He entirely becomes an angry Man.

After Exam’s “Saad” chooses “Army PMA”. Unfortunately, “Dua” also submitting her application at the same Medical college where “Saad” went. But now “Dua’s” behavior turns to softens.

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Ehd-e-Wafa Drama Pics:


Alizeh Shah





Humayun Saeed from Ehd-e-Wafa



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