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Imran khan

If you’re a supporter of Imran khan, you’re heartbroken. We were outside parliament late last night at around three in the morning, and a woman from a poor working-class background came up to us. Everyone else had pretty much left the scene by that stage, and she just poured out her heart, saying that she thought Imran khan was the best thing that had ever happened to Pakistan, and she didn’t know how the country would continue without him, but if you’re a supporter of the opposition or what until now was the opposition well you see this is a great victory for democracy and that Imran khan was endangering the constitution of Pakistan by refusing to hold this vote of no confidence refusing to accept the decision of parliament and even now as you heard in that report he’s said that he won’t accept any government that comes out of this process and he’s called on his supporters to come out into the streets after the evening prayer later tonight and register their protest peacefully.

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