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Deewangi is a Pakistani romantic television serial that started airing on Geo entertainment from 18 December 2019 to 26 August 2020. The Drama was produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi under 7th Sky entertainment and written by Sadiya Akhtar. Danish Taimoor, Hiba Bukhari and Ali Abbas Play lead role in drama serial Deewangi. This is the second project of Danish and Hiba Bukhari together after Haara Dil.

Deewangi Drama Cast:



Danish TaimoorSultan Durrani
Hiba BukhariNageen Faiyyaz
Zoya NasirNarmeen
Ali AbbHaroon
Ismat ZaidiBi Jaan
Mehmood ┬álamNarmeen’s father
Faiza GillaniNuzhat, Nageen’s sister
Parveen AkbarNuzhat’s mother-in-law
Noor Ul HasanRashid; Nageen’s brother-in-law
Nida MumtazNarmeen’s mother
Humaira BanoHaroon’s mother
Aiza AwanHaroon’s sister
Anas Ali ImranImran
Fahima Awanfaryal, Nageen’s colleague
Salma ShaheenFaryal’s mother
Zohreh AliRamsha; Haroon’s ex-girlfriend


Deewangi Story:

This is a romantic love story of Sultan Durani and Nageen. Where Nageen belongs to a middle-class family and Sultan Durani belong to a wealthy family and his background status is very strong. Sultan lost his parents in an accident and lived with Bi Jaan. Nageen live with her sister Nuzhat and her brother-in-law Rashid. Nageen fine job, but she does not have a degree; after all, she is hired as a bus hostess at a private company and supports her sister to manage expenses. But her sister does not willing for this job. But Rashid insists on doing the job. Sultan met with Naegeen on the highway when his car suddenly came out of order and he had no choice to travel in a bus. After this incident, Sultan starting travel on the bus every day and try to meet Nageen but she is ignoring to him. One day Sultan Durani buys all bus tickets to take Nageen attention, he exposes his feelings in front of Nageen, but she rejects him. She feels more frightened after the horrible acid incident with Faryal.

In Deewangi Drama, Sultan’s cousin, Narmeen, finds about Sultan’s affair with Nageen and makes a plan to trap them. Narmeen agent makes video when Sultan propose to Nageen and put a ring on Nageen’s finger. Narmeen uses this video against Sultan to damage Sultan’s reputation, but as result, Narmeen’s father losses the general public election due to Normeen’s jealousy. After this Sultan again proposes to Nageen; now, Nageen accepts his proposal. Naveen’s family happy with this marriage but Sultan’s uncle against him, and they want him to marry Narmeen. But on the wedding day, suddenly Nageen was kidnapped, and Sultan cancels the wedding. Nageen is let go after two days but Nageen’s family does not believe her story. Nageen tries to assure them, but she’s failed. She has no evidence to prove herself as innocent. After some days, Nageen goes to Sultan Durani’s office and asks to believe her innocence. But Sultan said that he was behind the kidnapping of her and that marriage was just a joke and planned to take revenge on Nageen. She is speechless and hurts too much.

Sultan marries Narmeen on BI Jaan’s insistence. On the other hand, Nageen makes a plan to run away with the help of her sister. Negeen goes to Lahore to her aunt whereas Nageen meets with Haroon. Nageen land a job as a receptionist on a TV channel, and Haroon helps her for a job as they become good friends.

Sultan felt unhappy with Narmeen and missed Nageen. He realizes that his behaviour with Nageen. And start searching for Nageen everywhere. On the other hand, Haroon’s mother does not like Nageen. However, Nageen and Haroon manage to get married. One day Sultan found nNarmeen about social leakage video and his to Narmeen, she died after giving birth to baby girl. After this incident, Narmeen’s father tries to shoot Sultan but accidentally shoots Bi Jaan and she dies. After this incident, Sultan lost all his relations, and he shifted to the UK.

Nageen lives a happy life with Haroon, but one day Sultan comes back from the UK and tries to meet his daughter, but Narmeen’s mother does not allow it. Sultan suddenly finds out about Nageen and her husband’s information. Sultan tries to talk with Nageen and appoint her husband in his office at the excellent post. Sultan provides every basic facility to Haroon and gets closer to Haroon’s family. And Sultan successfully shifts Haaron’s family to Karachi and gets close to Nageen. But Nageen keeps on trying to avoid him. Sultan realizes that all efforts are useless. Sultan hires Haroon Ex Ramsha at his office and tries to trap Haroon. Ramsha gets closer to Haroon and telling the truth about Nageen & Sultan’s past. Nageen tries to save her marriage. But Sultan attacked Haroon by his servant and made injuries look like an accident. Ramsha feels that Sultan is a dangerous person, and he will also kill her after his purpose. Ramsha gives all evidence to Nageen for legally Punish to Sultan. Ramsha is murdered by Sultan, but cops said she committed suicide. Nageen agree to marry Sultan and asks to give money for Haroon’s treatment. During Nageen & Sultan’s marriage, Nageen refuses to accept Sultan in front of the media. Sultan took Nageen to her home and tries to force her to marriage, but Nageen continuously refuses to accept him. Where Nageen shot him. But suddenly, Haroon came there and took the blame for shooting Sultan and the police arrest Haroon. But in hospital, Sultan records his complaint he has shot himself and ask to release Haroon. After this Haroon’s mother accept Nageen as daughter in-Law. Haroon and Nageen together at the end and Sultan is dying in hospital. Deewangi drama serial ended up with a sad scene but other hands happy because of Haroon and Nageen. It’s a fantastic and romantic serial. This Deewangi Drama wins the hearts of the audience.

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Deewangi Drama Song:

Deewangi OST sung by the famous Pakistani singer Sahir Ali Bagha. He is the one of best playback singer in Pakistani dramas.



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