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Best Pakistani dramas And Stories

In the current era of information, television plays a key role in creating public perceptions, people’s living style, thinking prospects, and ways of dealings impacted at a large scale by content showing on Television.

In Pakistan, the drama industry promotes cultural values and reflects on our society that what is going on around us. Some of them are a great source of entertainment. Pakistani dramas are gaining popularity all over the world. Its stories are not only romantic but provide a lesson for viewers. Due to meaningful plots, Pakistani dramas are overtaking Indian and American dramas.

Here is a list of the best Pakistani dramas which have not only strong storylines and plots but also melodious song tracks. These are called evergreen dramas in the Pakistani dramas industry. At every age, people would prefer to search and watch these best Pakistani dramas of all time.


Khaani Drama

KHANS are famous in Pakistan for their self-willed and bravery of heart. This drama revolves around the key player SANAN KHAN. She is called by her nickname KHANI by her family. This story runs around KHANI; that’s why this drama is named KHANI. Due to a tragic incident, KHANI loses her twin brother SARIM. But with time, fortune brings the SARIM’s murderer in front of KHANI, who is a rich man known as Mr. HADI. He is an obstinate person and always tries to snatch things from others, whatever he likes. He falls in love with KHANI, but She’s bravery and strong desire to punish the murderer of his brother enables her to get justice. In spite of many threats and intimidations, she remains steadfast. This drama reveals the women’s values and morals and depicts how women can turn the circumstances in their favor if they try and remain steadfast.


Hamsafar drama

HUMSAFAR drama is a novel-based story which was written by FARHAT ISHTIAQ. This story revolves around the examination and adversity of a married couple ASHAR HUSSAIN [FAWAD] and KHIRAD IHSAN [MAHIRA KHAN]. It has become the most-watched drama in the history of Pakistani media. Its captivating tale caught the attention of viewers a large scale. The half part of this drama shows the ASHAR’s reflections and views, and the second part of this drama shows the point of view of KHIRD. This drama is much more than a love story. It depicts the bosom understanding of the profound feelings of two persons which usually people can have like jealously, romance, hopelessness, and victory of forgiveness made this drama one of the best serials of Pakistani dramas industry.


Zindagi Gulzar Hai drama

ZINDAGI GULZAR HAI is also a novel-based story which was written by UMERA AHMAD. It is also one of the most popular dramas of the Pakistani industry. This serial shows that marriage is an important theme of life. It also depicts the sufferings of a woman without a husband how she survives alone with her daughters. The main characters of this drama are KASHAF and ZAROON. KASHAF is a self-possessed lady and faces the sufferings of life but remains steadfast. On her life aim, and at last, she succeeds in winning it. ZAROON and KASHAF both have different perspectives about life, and they have entirely natural. In spite of opposite thoughts, they append a successful life after accepting each other. It is also a love story and a story from complaints to thankfulness. The bravery and self-esteem of KASHAF made this serial is one of the most-watched serials of the Pakistani drama industry.


YAARIAN is also another blockbuster production of the Pakistani drama industry. It broke all the records and gained much attention from the viewers. In this drama, AYEZA KHAN played a leading but negative role. It was premiered on GEO TV. The story of this drama revolves around two sisters having different natures and thoughts. Due to the complex nature, negative thinking, and feelings of jealousy, AYEZA loses everything she has in her life, even her father and loving mother and husband. It is also a love story. This serial shows that how feelings of envy spoil the life of people and are only empty-handed. The acting of AYEZA KHAN and its captivating story caught viewers’ attention on a large scale and made it one of the most famous dramas in the Pakistani drama industry.


kHUDA OR MOHABBAT Season 1,2,3

KHUDA OR MOHABBAT is a blockbuster serial of the Pakistani drama industry that got fame in many countries. Due to its popularity and admiration, its two seasons have been premiered on GEO TV, and the third season is telecasting on GEO TV. This story is a glimpse of our society and is based on opposite ideologies of love and spirituality. This serial’s main characters are HAMMAD [IMRAN ABBAS], which belongs to a rich family and has no concern with spiritual ideology, he falls in love with IMAAN [SADIA KHAN], who is Maulvi’s daughter and is a religious girl. Here class difference compels HAMAD to leave the house. This serial drops the light on our society’s truth, where people prefer to leave dear ones due to losing their love. In SEASON 2, after the death of IMAAN, HAMAD goes abroad, and there he falls in love with a girl named SARA [KUBRAH KHAN] after being impressed by her profound feelings. Now in SEASON 3, FEROZE KHAN and IQRA AZIZ are playing a leading role.


Suno Chanda Drama

SUNO CHANDA is full of entertainment and comedy-based serial which got popularity by its every episode. It was a complete package of PAKISTANI society’s reality and its wedding traditions. The story revolves around two peoples who have soft feelings for each other but they realize after doing many immaturities. Both are husband and wife, but they are not willing to accept their marriage due to different thinking. This drama shows the joint family system, love, naughty, realization of mistakes, and also depicts the acts of forgiveness. Viewers enjoyed each moment of its all episodes. That’s why SEASON 2 was also premiered on HUM TV like SEASON 1. its main characters in both seasons are IQRA AZIZ [JIYA] and FARHAN SAEED [ARSAL]. Their outstanding performances made this serial is one of the blockbusters. Now, it is expected that SEASON 3 will come soon of this drama to entertain us.


Deewangi drama

DEEWANGI is one of the chartbusters of Pakistani dramas, which got much fame in Pakistan and outside of it. It is a love story and covers our society’s aspects related to hate, jealousy, and revenge. It was premiered on GEO TV. This drama got viewers’ attention on a large scale and made it famous. This story revolves around two-person SULTAN [DANISH TAIMOOR] and NAGEEN [HIBA BUKHARI]. SULTAN is a millionaire and attracted by the beauty of NAGEEN and wants to marry her. He proposes to NAGEEN but NAGEEN rejects and slaps him in front of peoples, crowd and this action leads SULTAN to face the media’s interrogation. To take revenge, he does the acting of love and fixes his marriage with her. On Barat, after kidnapping her, avails the chance to spoil her honour. After that incident, NAGEEN goes to Lahore, where she marries ALI ABBAS [HAROON]. Sultan wants to get NAGEEN and traps her, but her steadfastness always makes the SULTAN to burn himself in the fire of regret. Same trick, NAGEEN plays with SULTAN and infront of media spoils his image and takes her revenge. The strong role of NAGEEN made this serial is one of the popular serials of the Pakistani drama industry.


Dil Lagi Drama

DII LAGI drama is a romantic serial of the Pakistani drama industry and is one of the blockbusters which heightened the curve of viewers. In this drama, HUMAYUN SAEED and MEHWISH HAYAT performed excellently as lead characters MOHID and ANMOL, respectively. This serial depicts women who live their lives ahead of family and control their houses, how these women prefer their honour in society to their children’s wishes. Sometimes, such steps are taken for the welfare of children. This story also revolves around two persons, stubborn and determined, who have different thoughts and nature, but they are married. ANMOL always misunderstands MOHID and concludes MOHID according to her perceptions. MOHID is a rich businessman and property dealer, and he falls in love with ANMOL due to her honesty and courage. ANMOL thinks that ANMOL married her just as an act of sympathy, and he is like other men who force their ways to compel people to obey their orders. But in the end, she realizes his true love when he got the bullet. The last dialogues of this drama are very famous. This drama teaches us that FIRST IMPRESSION IS NOT ALWAYS the LAST IMPRESSION.



MERA NAAM YOUSAF HAI is also a love story and a chartbuster serial. It is one of the most-watched dramas of Pakistani dramas. YOUSAF [IMRAN ABBAS] and ZULAIKHA [MAYA ALI] played commendable leading roles in this serial. It is about the difficulties they face to keep their love alive. The plot of this drama revolves around a singer, YOUSAF, who falls in love with a middle-class girl ZULAIKHA at first sight on the train. But ZULAIKHA is embroiled between proposals of two cousins. Both parents selfishly peruse her to accept them, but ZULAIKHA is not interested. Due to the cruelty of her father, ZULAIKHA accepted NIKAAH with her cousin to save the life of Yousaf. But the story turns here due to the actions of her father and brother. ZULAIKHA files a case of KHULA from a cousin and gets marry to YOUSAF. Due to the surprising acting of MAYA ALI and IMRAN ABBAS, this drama got a place in the hit list of chartbuster serials.


SADQAY TUMHARE is a Pakistani famous personal anecdote drama serial and a true-life story based on the life of its writer KHALIL-UR-REHMAN QAMAR. That’s why ADNAN MALIK was awarded the role named KHALIL. MAHIRA KHAN also played a leading role in the play. This story revolves around two lovers who have a strong commitment for their love but cannot succeed to get it just because of the selfishness of SHANO’s mother, who is taking revenge on KHALIL’s father because he rejected the SHANO’s mother proposal for marriage but SHANO’s mother has solid feelings for KHALIL’s father. This drama reveals that how an older generation’s mistakes have enduring results for their progeny. This serial’s blockbuster performance and dialogues made it one of the most liked and watched dramas in the Pakistani drama industry.

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