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Hi everyone, it’s me, Drama Serial, again with another Scary Story. I hope everyone is doing fine and having a great day. So today’s Short Story format is a little different. I’m going to tell you a story, and in the end, I’m going to reveal if it is a true story or just fiction; also, if you’d like to submit your true story or fictional story, please send them to my email address listed in the end. So let’s jump right into it.


During the Summer in a quiet town near Minneapolis, Minnesota, the police found a severely burnt body of a woman in her small farmhouse. The most horrific thing was that her body was found inside the kitchen stove; not only that, but a video camera was also found in the kitchen set up on a tripod pointing at the oven. However, when the police checked the camera, there was no tape found inside at the time. Although the scene was originally labeled as homicide by police, an unmarked VHS tape was later discovered at the bottom of the farms. Despite its worn condition and the fact that it contained no audio, police could still view the contents of the tape. It depicted a woman recording herself in front of a video camera, seemingly using the same camera that the police found in the kitchen. After positioning the camera to include both her and her kitchen stove in its view. She turned on the oven, opened the door, crawled inside, and closed the door behind her. After eight minutes into the video, the oven could shake violently. At this point, thick black smoke emanated from it for the remaining minutes of the video until the batteries in the camera died. It remained in its stationary position to avoid disturbing the local community. The police never released any information about the tape or even that it was found. Police were also unable to determine who put the tape in the well, so what do you think, guys? Is it a true story or just fiction? Any guesses? If you go by some comments on websites like, then no, it isn’t. However, this is based on a real story. The oven murder refers to the murder of Hilka Sarenin, born on 1st November in Finland in December 1960. The event is one of Finland’s best-known cases of homicide, and the killer has never been officially identified. Hilka Sarenin was last seen alive in December 1960, aged 33 years. She lived together with her husband Ponti France Sranan in an old large wooden house, her childhood home, inherited from her grandparents. The ceremony couple had five children adopted by the state and placed in foster homes due to family trouble and the father’s violent tendencies. According to the children and village neighbors, Ponti was extremely jealous and violent towards Helka while under alcohol. He had repeatedly threatened to kill his wife in a way that could not be traced. On Christmas day, Hilka and Ponti’s eldest son arrived to visit his parent’s house for the holidays together with his schoolmate. One day earlier than he had previously said, they found the front door unlocked, crossing the entry room and entering the fire. Monday emerged from the large kitchen to the fire, locking the door behind him. He blocked the boy’s way, wandering aloud at their early arrival. When the sun asked where his mother was, Bundy said she had left while he was sleeping. At the sun’s suggestion, Hilga might be in a local house where she had previously worked. Punti replied she was never there later that night when it was dark. The boys went to fetch more bedclothes from the main bedroom behind the kitchen. When the son asked why the kitchen was dark, his father said the lamp was broken. They walked through the kitchen in the narrow streak of light coming from the doorways of the foyer and the main bedroom. However, the boys saw that all the miscellaneous junk accumulated on top of the large oven that hadn’t been used over the years had been thrown over the floor. The father said he had been cleaning up presumably in the dark even though the main bedroom and the foyer were also lit, the knuckles of his one hand had been scraped. The father had closely followed the boy’s movements and acted nervously. Because of this, the schoolmate went home early; the son let the matter be, and, unfortunately, he never saw his mother. Since that day, as the years passed, the son visited the home now and then, staying a couple of days. He also observed the house and the area around it at the most. He inspected the basement at the end of the house and the outdoor toilet and its surroundings a short distance apart. He was puzzled by the disappearance of the pile of sand that had previously been in the front yard of the cow barn. As the time passed, the boy began to suspect that his mother was no longer alive. After inspecting the surroundings, he began inspecting the building’s plank floors, its large attic and the stone foundation that the building rested upon, but he couldn’t find any clues. Eventually, the son sent a letter to the police, and I suspect that my father knows more about my mother’s disappearance than he has told me. He opened the oven and shut it again; however, it had not been used in seven to eight years. Before this, when I arrived, my father was cleaning in the dark even though another room was lit. I think the oven should be dismantled; my father could do anything. Sadly the letter was not noted. Later the son wrote an article in the May issue of a Llama magazine. Where he suspected his father of having murdered his mother. Later, when the father and the son met, the father told his son to mind his own business. A staggering 12 years after Hilka went missing, new investigations had been ordered to go through old unsolved cases, and the son was contacted again as such in November. Authorities arrived at the house with authorization to dismantle the family’s oven; the husband was moved to the police station. Before the police started to dismantle the oven finding it filled with sand at one meter’s depth, they found the mummified head of a woman. After digging some more, they found a foot and the entire body. The eldest son identified the body as belonging to Hilka Saarinen’s mother. Despite that level of evidence, the local court stated that the husband hadn’t caused Helga’s death on purpose; as such, they sentenced him to a pitiful eight years in prison for severe assault. However, he only served a single year because the district and Supreme Court overturned the sentence stating that neither Hilka’s death’s cause nor manner was known. They also stated that he couldn’t be sentenced after the amount of time since Hilka’s disappearance. Because of this, Hilga’s husband was returned to the house, which had been empty, and he lived there alone until his death in August. Despite that, one question makes this a mystery: Did the husband kill Hilka, or was he innocent, or did she do it to herself just like in the creepypasta. We’ll never know, so that was today’s story; if you’re into horror stories, I highly suggest allowing notification to this website. I will see you soon with another short story; until then, bye.

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