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Pakistani  Best Drama Alif Based on Spirituality

Alif Drama,” which is offered by Pakistan’s famous high rating channel Geo. This drama has gained immense popularity, mainly due to the concept of this drama. It is a spiritual and love drama but love in a very charming way. And the relationship of the soul is described romantically.


Alif ” was released on October 5, 2019. Due to its immense popularity, this drama won the best drama award in 2020. Umaira Ahmed, Directed by Haseeb Hassan, wrote this drama and produced it by Sana Shahnawaz and Sana Humayun Saeed. The shooting of this play was completed in Karachi (Sindh) and Turkey. The play’s main characters are Hamza Ali Abbasi, Sajal Ali, Kubra Khan, and Ahsan Khan, who played a great role in the drama.


The characters acted in the play are Hamza Ali Abbasi played the role of Momin. He is a young, innocent child who writes letters to Allah every day for his father’s return later; he becomes a famous commercial Film director. Kubra khan plays the role of Husn-e- Jahan. She is very beautiful and the mother of Momin. Husn e Jahan has been the queen of the film industry for a long time. Ahsan Khan plays the role of Taha Abdul Ala, who falls in love with Husn-e Jahan and father of the Momin. Abdul Ala is the grandfather of the Momin and calligraphers of Islamic verses. In this drama, Sajal Ali plays the role of Momina Sultan, who is a successful actor. Momina dislikes her profession, but she works in showbiz to support her family. Momnia’s family includes her parents and brother Jahangir. For her spiritual piece, Momina has her teacher Ibrahim recite the Qur’an and also does Calligraphic work. Jahangir also works in showbiz for a while but wants to return. 

Surya is Momina’s mother and is worried about her son Jahangir’s return to showbiz. Sultan is the father of Momina and makeup artist of Husn-e- Jahan. Aqsa is Momina’s friend and supports her. Faisal is Momina’s fiancé, but he dislikes Momina’s profession and ends the relationship.

Alif Drama OST :

The OST  is sung by Shuja Haider and Momina Mustahsan. The song was written by Shuja Haider, while it is also composed by Shuja Haider.

Drama Story:

Alif Drama” presents a story in which he tells the story from the past to the present. The story begins with the character of a young child Momin. Momin is living with his mother Husn-e-Jahan in a small house in Turkey. Momin writes a letter to Allah daily in the hope that his lost father will return. In the same way, Momin wants his family to be complete once again and his financial situation to be restored. At the same time, “Alif Drama” shows a reality in which there is a fierce fight between Taha and Husn-e-Jahan, and Taha leaves the house. Husn-e-Jahan also wants Taha to come back and apologize to Taha for his behavior. 

Finally, one day, Husn-e-Jahan writes a letter to Taha on her behalf, in which she writes her letter along with all the letters of the Momin and sends it to the house of Abdul Ala. Eventually, Abdul Ala receives the letter and replies twice. In this letter, Taha assures the return home. 

Husn-e-Jahan is very happy with this reply and waits for Taha’s return. One day Abdul Ala comes to Husn-e-Jahan’s house alone. After the conversation, Abdul Ala says that he does not know where Taha is. Both Abdul Ala and Husne-e-Jahan cry well. Abdul Ala apologizes to Husn-e-Jahan for all his behavior and mistakes and assures him that he will bring Taha back in any case.

Now we will explain where the interesting beginning of drama begins, how Taha and Hussn-e-Jahan fall in love with each other.

Husn-e-Jahan is the queen of Pakistan’s film industry and the most beautiful actress, who showed great essence in acting and dancing. Sultan is Husn-e-Jahan friend and makeup artist and support Hun-e-Jahan. Husn-e-Jahan does not like her profession, but she does it to support her family. 

One day, Sultan asks Husn-e-Jahan to go to Turkey, where there is a culture show; that’s why Husn-e-Jahan goes to Turkey with his friend Sultan to perform in the culture show. Visit this show Husn-e-Jahan first meets Taha Abdul Ala. In the first meeting, their lives change. Taha falls in love with Husn-e-Jahan at first sight. Husn-e-Jahan thinks that Taha is his right destination. Husn-e-Jahan no longer values this show’s life and exhibition and wants her life to get out of this worldly luxury through Taha. 

Taha makes a portrait of Husnn-e-Jahan for the first time, which Hussn-e-Jahan accepts. So Sultan falls in love with Husnn-e-Jahan while Husnn-e-Jahan falls in love with Taha. In the same way, the story of “Alif Drama” continues. 

Husn-e-Jahan goes to Kabul Ala to find his pure soul. Abdul Ala is the most famous calligrapher in the world. Abdul Ala rejects Husnn-e-Jahan because Taha is turning away from religion because of this showbiz woman. Meanwhile, the drama goes on Taha leaves her father’s house. 

They both have a child Momin. Gradually things get worse. Taha becomes very anxious. There is no work, and the financial situation deteriorates. Taha blames herself for all these situations and bad times. He considers himself unlucky; maybe his father should not have left. He sees Taha upset Hussn-e-Jahan blame herself. 

Husn-e-Jahan thinks that he may have taken Taha away from his father. Meanwhile, there is a fight between Hussn-e-Jahan and Taha, and Taha lives home. “Alif Drama” presented the flashback of this story in a charming way. The story continues, and in the next episodes, the situation and events of the present are described in drama.

Momin becomes a successful commercial director. His success is rumored far and wide. He makes every film he starts a success, and everyone who works in his film becomes a hit. Momin becomes a luxurious person. The Momin has a friend Neha, with whom he forms a relationship and wears an engagement ring. The main reason is that Neha wants to cast her friend (Zulfi) in Momin’s film, by this force of Neha Momin becomes suspicious of Neha.

Similarly, one day Momin assures Neha that he will play her friend Zulfi, but he selects Imran as an alternative to Zulfi. In this act, Neha breaks their relation with Momin. At the same time, Momina works in a small side role. Momina’s father, the Sultan, is a makeup artist. Who always discuss Hussn-e-Jahan in his home and respond to Momina, Husn-e-Jahan would have committed suicide. Momina’s mother, Syara, is worried about her son Jahangir, who has worked in the showbiz industry and is hopeful of returning to showbiz again. 

Alif Drama” further explains how Momina becomes a successful superstar. Meanwhile, it is seen that Jahangir suffers from kidney disease and is asked to undergo a kidney transplant. However, Momina has joined the art school. Because of this problem, Momina is asked by her family to drop out of school. Her parents force her to join showbiz so that she can save her brother. Momina disliked this profession, but she works in the industry to save her brother’s life and domestic circumstances. 

Momina used to go to her teacher Ibrahim to soothe her soul, where she read the Qur’an and also did calligraphic work. “Alif Drama” shows how Momina joins showbiz due to her home situation. Dawood and Aqsa are Momina’s friends and most successful in showbiz behind the scenes. 

Dawood tells Momina to give an audition in Momin’s new film Sanam. On the day of the Audition, Momina goes to shalwar kameez. Momina is the only girl who comes in shalwar kameez. Momina enters an Audition room, where she meets Momin. Momina gets confused and fixes her dupatta again and again. Momin angrily says to Momina to take off his dupatta. Momina does not do this. Momin angrily shouts at Dawood that he has chosen such a girl. Momin shouts at the guard to get her out. Momina angrily leaves, saying that she cannot hate anyone more than Momin. 

Dawood and Aqsa are very worried about Momina’s work. They send Momina to audition for a Hollywood movie in Lahore, where Momina finally succeeded and signs a good payment project. She happily returns to treat her brother Jahangir. On her return, Dawood and Aqsa bring her with them to announce that Jahangir has passed away. At that time, Momina wanted him to be buried in the ground. If money had to be cleared for Jahangir’s dead body and then they would send Jahangir home. Momina makes a list of people from all over the industry from whom she can borrow money and pay for the hospital and bring her brother into this world of trouble. 

Momina goes to Momin again to give him a role in the film and lend him money in advance, but Momin askes him to be expelled. Eventually, Dawood and Aqsa sort out her issue and bury Jahangir. Faisal, who is the fiancé of Momina and dislikes her profession that’s why Faisal ends this relationship. Momina keeps herself busy, and after completing his first project, she signs another project, and she becomes a successful superstar. Momina wins Oscar Award for her first film.

Abdul Ala is deeply saddened by the death of his son and always blames himself. Abdul Ala loves Momin and prayers to Allah for the faith and religion of the Momin. Momin does not know religion. One day, with new thinking, Momin swells about making a film on spirituality, Alif’s script. Dawood offers to Momina, but she does not work for Momin. 

Momin asks his grandfather for help with his film, to which Abdul Ala asks him to sell his paintings. When Momina shows the script of the film Alif, she asks her father, who forbids her from working in the film. This story is about the life of Husn-e-Jahan. Momin, I was surprised because Abdul Ala is also the grandfather of the Momin. 

In the same way, the “Alif Drama” shows how Momin mistrusts his mother. When Taha and Hussn-e-Jahan fight, Sultan has come to meet Husn-e-Jahan, and Momin tells this to his father. But Sultan says that she wanted to sell her paintings because her financial situation was not good. Momin wondered how he kept calling his mother bad. Finally, in the last episode, Momin makes a film about his mother’s life, which is successful. Momin apologizes to Momina for his behavior and waits for Momina.

Alif Drama Cast:




Hamza Ali AbbasiQalb-e-Momin
Kubra KhanHusn-e-Jahan
Ahsan KhanTaha Abdul Ala
Sajal AliMomina
Saleem MairajSultan
Lubna AslamSurya
Master IbrahimIbrahim
Musaddiq MalikDawood
Fareeha RazaAqsa
Osman Khalid ButtFaisal
Manzar SehbaiAbdul Ala
Sadaf KanwalNeha
Yashma GillShelly
Hina AshfaqTina
Nida MumtazMumtaz Begam
Shakeel Hussain KhanAkhter


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Alif drama


Alif Drama Calligraphy:









Alif Drama Episode 1:

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