5 Reasons Why You Watch The Drama Serial FITRAT

Five reasons why you watch the Drama Serial FITRAT presented by GEO TV:

  • Moreish and incredible storyline imbued with suspense.
  • Evil nature and the dark side of human beings have been shown.
  • Over staggering but adjacent to human nature.
  • Realistic reflection of today’s capitalistic and greedy society.
  • Great combination of good and evil deeds’ results.

 Why is the audience attracted towards Drama Serial FITRAT:

The storyline of the drama serial FITRAT is old, but the delivery and performance of all characters catch the viewers ‘ interest. The quality of the content was the best, and we can also see the perfection of everything in this drama.

A bold drama in the Pakistani drama industry:

FITRAT is considered a bold drama serial in the Pakistani drama industry. Viewers are delighted about the story of FITRAT drama, but they cannot stop themselves from passing remarks on bold scenes, especially extramarital affairs. To hug each other is presented as a regular thing in this drama, but this act is considered aggressive in Pakistani families because such things do not match our traditions and culture. The acting of FARIYA was full of boldness, even that her dresses were showing extra boldness in this drama.


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