5 Biggest Mistakes In Drama Serial Khuda Aur Mohabbat Season 3

Pakistani drama industry is famous in Asia. Its dramas are also prevalent throughout the world due to their content and delivery of content. A story of all dramas is lesson-based and reflects that what is going on in society recently. Some dramas are spiritually based, and some share love based storyline. Drama serials that go super hit are presented next time, with more seasons having new stories with the same theme. One of them is the Drama serial KHUDA OR MUHABBAT. Viewers on a large scale liked it. Due to its commendable success, its second season was also premiered on GEO TV. Nowadays, its third season is premiering on GEO TV.

It will be a great shock to know that there are the biggest mistakes in the scenes of this serial which were not noticed during its rehearsal. It seems funny to say that those mistakes can be clearly noticed, but producers and directors did not bother them, but we noticed them while watching this drama.

Now, we share those five biggest mistakes with you, and you will surely get surprised after knowing them. Let’s take a look at those mistakes, read them, and enjoy!


In episode no 8 of the drama serial KHUDA OR MUHABBAT SEASON 3,

when MAHI ( IQRA AZIZ ) is ready to go to college and gets in a car, and FARHAD ( FEROZE KHAN ) is on the driving seat with another employee of MAHI’s family, that time the glasses of the car are shown BLACK, nothing can be seen from those glasses, and there are some buttons near the staring of the car, but when the car stops near the college gate, the color of car’s glasses turns into white from which everything can be seen easily, and there are no buttons near the staring of car. How it happened? magically! It seems funny!


In episode no 11 of the drama serial KHUDA OR MUHABBAT SEASON 3,

When TAIMOOR’S ( ZAIN BAIG) brother SIKSNDAR ( JUNAID KHAN) and mother ARFA BEGUM ( HINA KHWAJA BAYAT) come to MAHI’S house to ask her hand for TAIMOOR and to hold the ring ceremony. MAHI’S father KAZIM SHAH ( USMAN PEERZADA) and brother NAZIM SHAH ( SOHAIL SAMEER) sit in the drawing-room and chat with each other. We can see that the shawl is on NAZIM SHAH’S legs, but when the cameraman takes a close-up of NAZIM SHAH, the shawl is on his shoulders. Unbelievable! How is it possible? It happened magically! It seems funny!


In episode no 11, when SAJAN (SHAMEEM KHAN), the employers’ incharge, comes into the quarter’s room of FARHAD to propose him, he refuses and goes out of his room, the behind the FARHAD we can see the CANTEEN in these quarters’ building. There is a tag of the word CANTEEN on the wall above the door. SHOCKING! What is the role of CANTEEN in the quarters’ building? It seems funny!


In another scene of episode No three during the wedding’s function when MAHI gives a pair of shoes to FARHAD to hide them and FARHAD goes towards the room, there is a diary and a pair of shoes is found in his hands, but when he enters in the room, there is only a single shoe in his hand and diary is also vanished. AMAZING! How it happens! Looks magically!


In episode No 11 when TAIMOOR talks to his mother, there is no red cushion on the sofa found, but when the cameraman takes a close-up, there is found a red pillow on the couch near the TAIMOOR’S mother. How did the cushion’s colour change? Magically! To say it seems funny!


We have found some other minor mistakes in the drama serial KHUDA OR MUHABBAT SEASON 3 and sharing them with you to make you laugh. We hope you will enjoy them.

  • In episode 11 when Faqeera comes to meet and talk with FARHAD, the door remains open with extra weed when she starts talking, the door looks open with less space.
  • In episode no 11  FARHAD is on the hospital’s bed. The doctor comes, the stethoscope is found around the doctor’s neck, and its part which is entered in ears is on the right hand, but when he turns after discussion, its direction changed.
  • In episode no 8 when FARHAD comes to his friends, there are pots on the table, but at the other moment change of camera’s angle, the table is found empty.
  • In episode no 8 when an employee gets a bullet, another employee tells FARHAD about it. When FARHAD comes out of the room. There is no watch on his wrist, but when he goes near an employee who gets a bullet, the watch is found on his wrist. This mistake also exists in other episodes.
  • In episode no 8 when MAHI comes to say thanks to FARHAD, who is sitting in the driving seat of the car, any ring is not found in MAHI’S fingers but when she is looking at the stairs ring appears in his finger. This mistake also has been noticed in other episodes.
  • When FARHAD comes out of the college’s examination hall, the pen is found at the upper level of the shirt’s button, but on the very next moment, it is found at the lower level of his shirt’s button.

In another scene of this drama when NAZIM SHAH is standing near his wife, a white-colored watch is on his wrist. The next moment when he comes out of the Haweli and reaches the required place, the watch becomes black.

But mistakes do not stop here; there are many other mistakes in the scenes of drama serial KHUDA OR MUHABBAT SEASON 3, which will surely make you laugh nonstop.

Watch this Drama Serial and enjoy its mistakes.


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