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3 Best Dark Web Short Creepy Stories In English:

Dark Web Short Horror Story “All Natural”:

Dark Web Story

I have always hated going to the park, and it’s not because I wouldn’t say I like nature or anything like that. It’s because I wouldn’t say I like the sight of people playing with their pets. It just makes me want to throw up. Now I know you might be asking why anyone would not like the sight of cute dogs and cats, but after hearing this morbid experience, you too will never look at animals the same my name is Taylor. This horrific experience happened six years ago, I was at the time, and I had just finished college. It was on a Thursday, and I had gone to the supermarket across from my apartment to buy some groceries I barely had up to ten dollars so I bought very few things as I walked up to the counter I saw the cashier jake staring at me we weren’t friends but we knew each other as I lived close by as I dropped the few things I bought he looked at me and said I don’t mean to pry taylor but are you low on cash I didn’t reply as I was embarrassed he then looked at me with kind eyes and said it’s nothing to be ashamed about taylor but if you’re up for it I may have a job for you hearing being offered a job piqued my interest and I asked what am I going to be doing and how much is the pay he then told me we can talk about what you’re going to be doing later and regarding the pay he then brought out a thousand dollars and handed it to me I was stunned as I hadn’t seen money like that in a while he then continued with think of it as an advance but remember with pay like this the job is pretty something he then asked for my number so that he could get back to me with more details regarding the job a week passed before I heard from Jake I had already spent of the one grand so I knew I had to do the job now as I had already spent my pay but I just assumed it was going to be something like cleaning the supermarket that night around a.m I got a message from Jake saying ready to know what the job is about I remember telling him it’s pretty late but sure that’s when he told me to download something called tor browser I was confused but I did exactly what he said after that he sent me a link and he told me I don’t know if you’ve heard of the dark web Taylor, but this is a link to the dark web he then continued with this link is going to take you to a website where you’ll see videos of women eating think of it as ASMR but with a more serious take on it, he then sent the last message saying this is to prepare you for what you’re going to be doing and remember that much money doesn’t come easy you start next week. With that, he went offline. A little feeling of dread began to creep up as he was acting so weird. As I clicked the link, I finally understood what he meant as a horrible realization dawned on me. The link took me to a site called all-natural. I first saw a slogan that reads welcome fellow true eater. I was asked to pay to see the content, which I did, and when the page finally loaded, it showed videos of women eating raw animals. The first video I played showed a huge man holding a cage that seemed to be filled with kittens. I could hear the animals whimpering like they were scared. The woman in the video sat on a chair, and she had a sick devilish grin on her face which displayed her blood-stained rotten teeth. She looked like she was ill as she looked pale and feverish. The man then took one of the kittens and what he did next made me throw up on myself with his huge hands. I watched him tear the kitten apart. It happened so fast that I couldn’t hear the kitten squeal. He then tossed the carcass of the dead kitten towards the woman, and without hesitation, she began eating it raw the sight was otherworldly as she ate it whole. I could see the little organs of the kitten spilling out of her bloody mouth as she ate it. It didn’t take long before there was nothing left and the video ended I screamed and I threw my phone away when the video was done the noise had garnered the attention of my neighbor who knocked on my door asking taylor are you all right I didn’t want him to know about what just happened so I quickly replied it’s fine I I just thought I saw something and with that he left I didn’t fall asleep that night as I was deep in thought I finally understood why Jake didn’t tell me about the job before paying and I understood why it paid so much as over million people paid to watch each video I knew I had messed up as I couldn’t do it and I also couldn’t pay back the money so the next day I started avoiding Jake and the supermarket after a week I thought I had gotten away with it but as I walked to my apartment that night I was attacked by two huge men and the last thing I remember is a white handkerchief being forced onto my nose I woke up in front of a camera I was surrounded by bright standing lights which made it impossible for me to make out my surroundings a huge man walked in and with one look at him all my suspicions were clear as he was the man who tore animals apart in those horrific videos, and right after him, Jake walked in with a sick grin on his face why are you avoiding my calls, Taylor I was scared, but I immediately replied with I didn’t mean to, I can’t do this, then do you have my money he asked fear-filled me as I had already spent half of it, but I said the first thing that popped into my head, I don’t, but I’ll pay you back. I promise, please just let me go. I’m afraid we can’t do that, he said, so what will you do to me? I don’t want to eat the insides of animals. That’s disgusting, he screamed before slapping me hard across my face. We are true eaters like the lions. We eat the right way directly from nature. We don’t let our meals be tainted by heat. We kept it all-natural once he was done. I asked him, so you guys are cannibals? And that’s when he hit me again. Don’t associate us with cannibals. You dumb me, and the million people who tune in to see these videos are much more than that. We are enlightened. We are true eaters. I didn’t speak as I was scared to be hit again, and that’s when he gestured to the huge man standing in the corner of the room, and it was time to begin. As the huge man picked up a cage, I counted down the last moments of sanity I would have that night. The creature in the box squealed as it was taken out, and when they brought it closer, I could see that it was a huge gutter rat. The animal struggled, but it was hopeless as the man began to pull it apart. It didn’t take long before it tore in two. The man walked up to me with the carcass of the dead rat. I tried to run, but when I realized I was restrained. He finally reached me and tried to force the carcass down my throat; I screamed and resisted, which led him to hit me. My vision had become blurry, and I felt them force my mouth open and force the furry carcass down my throat. No words can ever describe what I felt, but I felt like I was tasting hell itself as different things that I assumed were the animal’s organs rolled down my throat. I began to vomit profusely, but that didn’t stop them as they just continued right after. It took hellish minutes to be over, and I stayed there quiet as I had lost all zeal to fight. They untied me and took me to a small room where they kept me. I threw up all night, and I lay there in my vomit every night for the next week. I was taken to eat other animals, from sloths to puppies to little birds. Each one was worse than the last it didn’t take long before I began to feel ill. It was on what I assumed to be Friday. I started hearing loud noises from outside, followed by it’s the police hope filled me, and I was about to say I was here. I began to convulse. The last thing I remember was cops were surrounding me that night as I finally passed out. I woke up in the hospital to see my mom, a doctor and my neighbor all standing around me. The doctor began to tell me how lucky I was as many harmful bacteria like salmonella and listeria that are normally found in raw meat were found in my system. I asked my mom how the cops found me, and she said my neighbor had noticed I had been missing for a few days and had called the cops, which led them to track my phone. I thanked my neighbor Mr matt for saving my life. Some cops then asked me questions, and I told them everything I knew. They then told me that I was lucky as over women were found in the warehouse, and half of them were dead. They said the case was still ongoing, and they were trying to get to its bottom. At that moment, I knew to myself that there was nothing. They could do as over a million people out there were true eaters, and there was nothing anyone could do to fix that. It’s been six years since this incident. I moved back in with my mom, and even with all the therapy, nothing can ever take away that trauma. I can’t eat right as I only eat when necessary I also can’t look at animals right because every time I see a dog or cat, while people see the beauty and the cuteness of these animals, all I see are their insides.

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Dark Web Short Horror Story “Hitman”:

Short stories

when I woke up this morning, I had no idea my life would change forever soon. I’ve been struggling to earn a single penny for the last few months. I lost my job during the pandemic, I’m drowning in debts, and my landlord has already given me the final warning if I don’t manage to collect rent today, he will throw my pregnant girlfriend and me out of this house. We’re living on Twinkies and vendor machine snacks, but now I don’t even have money to buy that. All of our furniture is gone as I had to sell them to sustain ourselves in this tough time. My girlfriend kelly needs proper care and medication for this condition, but I can’t do a thing for her. Being disgusted with myself in my life, I left home early today. Now I am wandering in the streets looking for one opportunity to earn some cash so that we don’t end up in these streets, but fate is not looking up. I am exhausted. I can’t tell if I have had a fever since last night. After walking for three hours straight, when I didn’t see any ray of hope, I sat down on the sidewalks. I felt like I was going to faint soon. Suddenly my phone rang. It was Kelly. I picked up and heard her sobbing voice from the other side jimmy, the landlord, said he’ll be coming around pm and throw me out of this house. Where are you? Please come home and do something. I could hear the bundled-up pain choking her voice, but there was nothing I could do to save the day. I put my hands into my pocket and put a damned cigarette in a matchbox. There’s no cash in my hand, and only I left in my bank account. I don’t remember when I passed out. I probably lay on the corner of the sidewalk for hours like a garbage bag. When I woke up, cars were passing by the daylight was gone. I quickly looked at my phone and saw it was p.m already an hour or more, and my pregnant girlfriend would wander in these streets like a beggar. Such a man I was a throbbing pain in my head made me nauseous I vomited on the street right away. Somehow I still managed to get me up and look for some water. I took a dingy alley on my left and found a top. I drank as much as I could water, now my only option to suppress hunger. My phone kept ringing. The screen lit up with missed calls from Kelly, but I didn’t pick up once. What will I say to her? I didn’t have any money, any food, anything after washing my face; my eyes went to a broken bottle lying on the ground. Yes, that’s the only way out. Now I can’t tolerate the pain anymore. It will be a relief if I end my life and set free. I broke the bottle to get a piece of glass. I said to myself, one deep cut and all my pains will be gone. This is the only way out I sat down in the dark alley and lit up the last cigarette I had it tasted a bit funky but beggars can’t be choosers right also I’ll cut my wrists once I finish this smoke so it doesn’t even matter but what about Kelly how will she survive on the street without me should we commit suicide together no I can’t say that she’s with my child a life growing inside of her oh god please show me away but I knew no one is going to hear my cry I remembered how I used to surf the dark web during my high school days while smoking just like this I still have the tor browser on my phone but it has been a long time since I went there cluelessly I opened up the tour browser and started this old hobby once again I don’t know what I was looking for but something kept telling me I will find a solution here only here after surfing for to minutes an ad popped up in the corner looking for recluse hire hitman with only fifty dollars I don’t know what got into me I clicked on it a sketchy website opened and started asking for victim details and addresses once you fill in the details and make the payment the hitman will contact you I saw a way out I can’t let kelly struggle in this cruel world after my death she too has no one just like me and I can’t approach her with this idea of a suicide, my only way out is to hire an assassin and set her free from this blood-sucking world. I filled in the details given my house address. My hands trembled while I booked murder for the love of my life and my unborn child. Judge me all you want, but I had my back against the wall. As I made the payment, a message popped on screen hitman would contact you in a second. Remember, once you finalize the deal and disconnect this call, there’ll be no turning back. Why will I turn back now? There’s nothing left for us here. It’ll be better to end our lives than spend them in humiliation and poverty forever. A call came from an unknown number. I picked it up immediately. Hello, the job will be done in a half hour. Is she alone in the house? Yes, once I disconnect, we will have no contact whatsoever. It’s the deal final. I exhaled a deep breath, and tears rolled down my cheek as I tried to say yes the man with a dense voice spoke again is the deal final I took one deep breath and replied, yes, the deal is final the phone got disconnected. I noticed the time was p.m kelly might be sitting home waiting for me to come back with money and save the day. I put the cigarette butt on the dirty ground and picked up the broken glass to big goodbye to this world life is not the same for all of this world. I looked at my phone one last time. Once the clock struck seven and our doorbell rang, Kelly would rush to answer me, thinking I’d finally returned home. Poor Kelly won’t be able to guess death is waiting for her on the other side. I wiped my tears and went to slash my wrists with a sharp piece of broken glass. Just then, my phone rang again. Still, this time it was from my bank. Out of confusion, I picked up saying hello a female agent said from the other side Mr. Andrews we are happy to inform you that you have won our lucky draw this month. Congratulations, your account will be credited with the prize money within hours. How much money are those ten thousand dollars? You’ll be getting the update soon. Thank you for banking with us. Have a nice day; the call disconnected. The broken glass fell from my hand. I have won ten thousand dollars. Finally, all our worries will be gone. I sprung up in joy. I couldn’t believe this. I looked at the sky and screamed, miracles do happen, thank you, GOD, thank you, but my heart dropped into my stomach. It’s the hitman who was on his way to my home. I started to run like a mad dog what have I done what was I thinking I cursed myself while making my way through the busy street I have to reach home before him or else everything will be over a few moments back I had a family but no money to take care of them and now when I have money my family’s life is at stake I bumped into people who are running some of them hurled at me with anger but I didn’t care I need to reach home before seven I have to I was sweating like hell my heart was beating in my throat I knew the end is near each second is a step closer to doom oh kelly my love I can’t let you die because of my incompetencies and failures I was almost near my house when I accidentally tripped on a rock and fell hard on the floor my ankle twisted and I entwined in pain I tried to get myself up just when I heard a loud bang and a scream from a woman from my house I took up my phone with shaken hands the time was seven o’clock sharp I saw a guy wearing a hoodie coming quickly from my house and jumping into a camper van parked on the side of the road the lines of the hitman echoed in my ear once the deal is done there’ll be no turning back I started crying as my world broke apart I had no guts to walk up to the house and witness kelly’s bloody body lying on the doorstep I lied there hiding my face into my palm sobbing like a low light when I heard a familiar voice jimmy what are you doing here thank god you came home I looked up and saw kelly standing in front of me fear was all over my face I got up in extreme shock and said you’re you’re all right but that gunshot I was packing bags when the landlord came he was pestering me to leave right now so I went upstairs to get my stuff when suddenly the doorbell rang and the landlord estimated I said a loud bang and now he is lying dead on the porch I don’t even know what happened we have to call — cops came and took our landlord’s the body they interrogated us, and I didn’t mention a single detail about the hitman. I’m glad instead of Kelly, and our landlord opens the door. It scares me to think how ruthless these hitmen are. He didn’t even risk confronting someone else. One payment for one kill doesn’t matter who he killed and what impact it left. Kelly and I are in a better lifestyle now, but I haven’t told her anything yet. Every day before going to bed, I try to muster up the courage to tell her the truth, but when I look at her smiling holding our baby daughter in her arms, I step back. This one secret will be with me till the day I die.


Dark Web Short Horror Story “We See You”:

Short Horror story

This happened to me last Monday when I came back from school. I’m an introvert with no social life and no friends either, so as usual, I got myself some light snacks and hooked on watching anime when I came back. I was so engrossed in it that I didn’t notice when it became dark. I was quite bored of watching so I decided to try something different. My classmates talked about watching various videos up on the dark web. so I thought, why not? I had no clue how I may access it, so I searched on google. I learned that regular browsers couldn’t access dark web websites. I needed to download a certain undetectable browser from search engines and offered users complete anonymity. While surfing the web, some websites suggested using VPNs while surfing to hide my IP address, and I thought it was wise to do. So I downloaded the suggested browser and started scrolling randomly. I found certain people who had posted videos titled extremely unsettling words. There were certain forums, such as the cannibalistic form about eating people and being eaten by people. Some members even chatted and arranged meetups there to eat each other like I needed someone to eat my fresh meat. I am juicy and tender. I then found a site about a woman who couldn’t deal with the fact that her babies had been stillborn. It was filled with pictures of dead fetuses dressed up and placed in baby cots. I dug in deeper my curiosity had gotten the best of me. Disturbing images and videos played. Before my eyes, I then realized that it was legitimate child porn and rape and torture content, and it was all over the dark web. It was terrifying. They had live cams, too. This was all too much for me. I wanted to stop right away, but instead, I scrolled unconsciously. I saw certain chat rooms of various titles with unsettling words, such as midnight stalking the morgue live gore. I didn’t believe that these were real. I was curious, so I clicked on one. The live stream opened up; it was a dark room, and there was a guy tied to a chair in the middle. Beside the chair was a table. It had various items, ranging from weapons to tools like hammers and axes. I didn’t know what was happening until a man appeared in a mask. It looked like the mask that doctors wore on the plague with a long beak that resembled the crows in his hand. He held a blood-stained knife. It was then that I noticed carefully that the man who was tied was hurt. He was bleeding, and his wrist had deep cuts on them. His blood dripped into the small pools of blood at his sides. Should I finish him, the man said in a strange voice. It sounded like he was using a voice changer to deepen his voice. Was this a stage show? I wondered. I looked at the comment section. Everyone was telling him to finish. There were extremely brutal comments like shooting him in the head and putting him in boiling water, but most people wanted him to use the ax on the guy. I saw the masked man pick up the heavy ax. My body froze as he raised it above his head and brought it down on the guy who was tied up. The ax got stuck in his head, and a shower of blood sprang out of it. The man was presumed dead, yet the one with the ax kept striking him repeatedly. I could hear his dying screams. I could hear the mushy meat sounds the ax made when it touched him. The floor was splashed with blood. He did not stop there. He went lower and struck at his abdomen. It was sharpened to an extent where only one strike made his organs spill out into his lap. I saw his guts flowing out of him. I was frozen in place, unable to move a finger. I then realized that I had just seen a man get killed. I felt sick and closed the stream. I regretted that I clicked on it. I wanted to close the tab, but it wouldn’t close; instead, it redirected me to another page where there were loads of other disturbing and horrible videos. There were several roles in each row. There were four to five. What was disturbing about them was that they were like a series. I kept scrolling, hoping there’d be an exit button at the end, which was stupid. when I finally reached the end, I saw a familiar face in one of the videos of the last row. It was that man, the one I had just witnessed being killed. The first image was him staring at the camera and completely normal after that; there were pictures of him on the street, then finally sleeping. there was the video that I had just seen. It had been uploaded just now. when I looked under it, I saw a new role had been formed. The first picture was me staring into my webcam in the same clothes. I was wearing now I got scared to begin to press the power button then I heard a beat and a notification popped out of nowhere which said we see you finally my laptop shut down it had been there three days since then and I couldn’t help but look over my shoulder every now and again one night while I was trying to sleep my phone buzzed and I grumpily checked who it was at that time of night it was a message it was a video of me a video of me asleep in the exact same clothes I was in right now I was frozen in place and couldn’t breathe then came the sound from right beside my bed heavy footsteps went running out in the hallway and eventually faded startled I got up and flipped the lights on my heart raced and my body was shaking because of the adrenaline rushing through my veins I was scared to death because someone had been standing right beside my bed while I slept unaware I hurriedly grabbed my phone from where it had fallen quickly dialing — I peeked outside to see who it was there weren’t any signals and I had zero bars frustrated and scared I ran outside conscious of the other person sneaking my way to the lounge I picked up the telephone as quietly as I could but all in vain. It was dead. The wire had been cut. What the odds, I asked myself. Perhaps the best thing to do was to run out of the house for help, which I immediately did; to my horror, there was a padlock instead of the regular lock I had never seen before. What do you want? I shouted at the top of my lungs, half angry and half scared to death. Someone grabbed me by my hair and started dragging me. I screamed in agony and told him to let me go. He was huge, and I was thin and weak. I stood no chance. He dragged me towards the basement and ruthlessly dragged me down the steps. I felt like that broke every bone in my body. He threw me to the floor, my head hitting it violently. I blacked out for a few seconds. I felt him tie me up. My hand, feet and legs were bound. I drowsily opened my eyes and saw him setting up a video camera turning on all the lights in the basement. That’s when I knew who he was. It was a dark web video that he was shooting. Let let me go, please. He didn’t give me time to finish before he slapped my face. He went and got a brick from beside the washing machine and hit it with all its might on my feet. The mushy meaty sound it made was horrifying. The bones cracked so loudly. I screamed so loud I’m sure anyone awake at the time would have heard me. To stop me from screaming, he hit me on my throat. It was so hard to breathe. He adjusted the camera and started cutting at my abdomen slowly, hot blood started soaking my shirt, and I continued screaming. He laughed maniacally and cut deep at my arm. He kept going, and I could feel the bone grinding as the knife rubbed against him. I could heal it; there was so much blood. He stood up, stomped on my face, and continued doing it until I was almost dead. He came forward holding the knife, coming for my throat. Loud sounds could be heard upstairs, and two police officers came running down with guns seizing the intruder. some of the neighbors had heard strange sounds from my house and called for help. I was barely breathing, and the world grew darker. I woke up in a hospital turns out the intruder was, in fact, the psycho serial killer they had been searching for; I was the only victim who escaped his wrath alive. I would have ended up on the dark web dead.

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