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3 Reality based Horror Stories in English

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Scary Story #1:

Horror Stories

This happened with my junior students in high school. They told, We had a group of projects that we were given two weeks to work on. Our teacher let us pick our partners, and I picked my best friend peter, but we lagged, procrastinating the work for an entire week. When there were only three to four days left before submission. Our rational senses finally kicked in I asked peter well what are we going to do it was after school and we were hanging out at a store nearby peter replied in a worried voice. I mean we have enough time to finish it we just have to get together and do it then let’s do that we don’t have enough time left how about we go to someone’s house and work on it there. I guess but which house my house isn’t free my aunts and uncles are coming to visit tomorrow so we can’t do it there my place is too small for us, I share my room with my two younger brothers none of our houses were available to work at so we tried to pick out some places to work at and peter came up with an idea dude how about we work in the school. We rarely get time at school no I mean like let’s go to school at night and just do it there don’t they lock the doors no there’s night classes so the school is technically still open. What if we get in trouble get in trouble for what doing our homework no I mean come on now that we have a spot to do a project you don’t want to do it. Peter was right we agreed to meet up at school at 9 30 P.m. The same time the night classes started when we reached there we barely saw anyone in the school the guards were also absent at the gate. It was so quiet and dark that I had trouble believing how cheerful this place gets in the day our classroom was on the opposite side of the campus. We started walking down the hallway the only light was one in the very middle of the hallway and although the hallway had windows the moonlight wasn’t very helpful. We tried to enter our classroom but of course it was locked so we decided to just do it in the hallway. We sat down on the floor and started working on our project dude i had no idea this place could get so spooky after dark shut up let’s just finish our assignment so we can leave asap. Why oh you scared brave tommy is scared of darkness peter started mocking me like he always does and, I was about to throw a kick at him. When we heard a weird noise we immediately stared at the end of the hallway from where the sound was coming from it felt like something was walking weirdly almost like taking a step and dragging the other foot in a limping motion in that light shadowy atmosphere. We could see the wide empty hallway standing before us what the hell is that what is that I i don’t know i think someone’s coming here we kept staring at the empty hallway expecting to see any teacher or student any moment but instead we saw someone else a man slowly came out from the left and he was dressed as our school janitor the man was of average height and had a broom in his hand there was something wrong with his left leg he could barely walk and i finally realized he’s the one we heard limping a few moments back at first he didn’t notice us and kept walking but when he was in the middle of the hallway he suddenly stopped then sniffed the air in a very creepy way and turned his face at us right away even though i couldn’t see his face properly i sure saw his eyes he had big round eyes with gray pupils in them he kept staring at us without saying anything not once his eyes blinked getting creeped out by this awkward encounter i decided to break the ice hi um we’re just doing our homework yeah we’ll leave as soon as we’re done with it peter added the janitor slowly walked towards us and stopped right under the hallway light finally we could see him nothing was striking in his appearance except his facial expressions he kept staring at us like he was doing all the time and then smiled ear to ear in a very unsettling way he then spoke in a calm betrayal voice are you guys lying to me what why would we lie no one comes here after dark even the night classes students avoid this wing like a plague i get so bored peter and i exchange a look thinking how strange this man is look we’ll finish soon and leave we won’t cause any trouble no I’m not asking you boys to leave stay stay as long as you want i am tired of being alone um we better finish our assignment saying this we got back to work thinking the janitor will go away but he didn’t he just kept standing there holding his broom in hand and smiling at us he didn’t speak didn’t turn back just stood there watching us without blinking is there anything else nope just enjoying watching you guys peter couldn’t take his bizarre behavior anymore so he said in an annoyed voice don’t you have work to do cleaning and stuff but i like it here spending time with you guys what this is so crazy come on tommy we’ll finish the rest of the assignments of the night class wing it’s better to ask the teacher’s permission to do it there then rather tolerate this creep peter don’t talk like that we got up to leave and i saw the man’s face change his eyes turned blood red and the veins in his forehead started to pop out in anger he started breathing heavily looking at us what what did you call me creep because that’s who you are no wonder you’re alone let’s go tommy i knew peter was being offensive but at that moment i too wanted to get rid of this guy we turned around to walk away when i felt something bad is about to happen before i could guess what it could be a huge blow came right at peter he didn’t see the broomstick coming at him and he hit him hard on the head he grabbed his forehead screaming and bleeding and i saw the janitor standing right behind us laughing in sickening joy ah what I’m a creep i am not no creep the world is people like you are who don’t understand how to love and care for a lonely heart but i know how to teach you all lessons saying this he punched me in the face breaking my nose the guy sure was limp but strong enough too i collapsed to the ground holding my bleeding nose and then he grabbed peter by the hair and started to drag him back to where he had come from peter kicked in the air and screamed but the man’s strength was way more than him i was so jolted away with the pain that it took me a moment to get back on my feet finally when the man was at the end of the hallway where we saw him the first time i got up and started to run towards him having no weapon to defend myself or my friend i grabbed the thin hair on his head and pulled it with all my strength a chunk of his scalp came out tearing blood from the roots he let peter go with this sudden attack and turned at me he then grabbed my neck and started to choke me his blood-red eyes hungered for my soul as he put all the pressure on my neck my face turned pale for not being able to free myself from his grasp and my vision started to blur i realized i was going to die if I didn’t do something quick peter was still on the floor holding his bleeding head the man’s wide eyes that never blinked started to get wider enjoying the sight of my death at his hands i don’t know what came into me i took out the freshly sharpened pencil from my pocket and stabbed it into his eyes but the man was a psycho even though he screamed and bled but he still wasn’t letting me go so I started turning the pencil even after it was dead stuck in his eyeball blood and gushy flesh came out of his eye socket and he finally let me go i fell to the ground trying to catch my breath when peter gave me his hand and said tommy come on we have to go we both ran for our lives and went straight to the night class wing the teachers and students got shocked seeing two boys in such conditions after school hours they called the cops and the paramedics our parents were called too moments later the cops arrested the janitor who was lying unconscious in the hallway in pain when he was taken away he turned his face right at me and I could still see my pencil stuck into his one eye which was completely gone forever. He still stared at me with his other wide eye and smiled ear to ear. I just hope he never gets out of prison ever.

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Scary Story #2:

scary stories

Its real story of a teacher, she shared with us lets read out.

I love being a teacher especially for young children ever since i was in high school when I used to help my younger brother with his homework I knew that’s what I would do right out of college. I started working as a teacher’s aide at a school which is where I realized I preferred working with young children they are sweet funny willing to soak up knowledge like a sponge when you offer them love and understanding they begin to love you back even end up giving you gifts like apples or cookies of course there are always difficult moments but once you learn how to calm and support children those stressful situations become easy to deal with that was how I worked for three years in a school and became a much loved teacher at that point I thought I had already seen it all but in the end there are always things that surprise you more than surprising me there was an event with a child that still terrifies me at night because i am not able to believe that people like this exist in this world it was the beginning of a new school year i was helping in the preparations to welcome the students once again these dates always excited me as i would have a new group of children in my care perhaps even new students usually in the case of younger children the parents used to bring them to their class give them a kiss on the cheek accompanied by a few words of encouragement and then leave but that day a little blonde boy walked into my class by himself and sat down saying absolutely nothing i didn’t think i had seen him at school before so i figured he was new and walked over maybe he hadn’t said hello because he was shy hello my little student I’m teacher Daphne what’s your name my name is Noah Phillip’s it’s a pleasure to be your teacher Noah better let me check the list first to make sure you’re in the right class i am i know i am he was right according to the list of students i had been given Noah Philips was part of my class still the way the little boy had spoken seemed strange to me the security in his words was rare in him because he looked more like an adult than a child maybe he was very smart or maybe his parents had accompanied him and i hadn’t noticed whatever the case i tried to forget the matter perhaps it was a one-time thing but over the next few days i became more and more convinced that that was not the case Noah always had his homework done perfectly without a single mistake when i asked him something in class he answered without hesitation he was very smart that was clear he was also well behaved too much for a child his age even the quietest student sometimes had fun playing pranks but Noah didn’t he was extremely quiet it seemed like he only spoke when necessary i started to think that maybe he was having trouble relating to others so i planned educational activities to play in class but he didn’t want to he always stayed in his chair as far away from the others as possible every time another child approached him i could see him getting tense and irritated it was the only time his cold gaze changed to one of annoyance before reporting the case to the principal i decided to take a closer look at him for a few weeks i noticed that the circles under his eyes were getting darker and darker during breaks he would sit down to eat alone his meals oddly enough always seemed to be prepared with great care except on Fridays that day he used to bring junk food as if he himself had decided what to bring to school his posture besides was contracted with his shoulders hunched but his gaze alert at this point i was very confused i had never seen a child with such strange patterns on the one hand smart and responsible apparently well looked after by his family but on the other hand cold lonely and irritable showing no interest in playing with others in fact as strange as it seemed it was hard for me to continue to believe that he was just a little boy already too worried about the new student without any doubt that something was going on with him i reported the situation to the principal he unfortunately didn’t seem to mind too much but he still called Noah’s parents to have a meeting with me his mom and dad agreed to come on a Thursday after school that Thursday morning Noah was much more irritated than usual he didn’t let the other kids get close to him even a bit when he started yelling at one i had to intervene hey Noah calm down they’re doing nothing to you don’t have to be violent would you prefer to eat inside the class only i will be there with you why did you do it excuse me why did you do it I’ve been good I’ve done all my homework it’s your fault i hate you leave me alone Noah glared at me with hate and resentment before walking away i was shocked i had never seen those emotions in the eyes of a child still i left him alone i was convinced i could help him after the meeting with his parents when the bell rang at the end of classes i stood near the school entrance Noah was there too waiting for his parents as well as me at a certain point a tall blonde man with big eyes and dark circles under them approached the new student behind him was a short red-haired woman with a neat appearance they were definitely his parents i did not hesitate to approach them introduce myself and accompany them to the office Noah waited outside while i explained the situation to his parents the man was looking at me strangely without blinking i was very uncomfortable but i concentrated on speaking are very strange behaviors in a child so i was wondering if that’s how he is it’s always been like this just leave him alone Mr. Phillip’s i understand that there are introverted children but Noah is a case that leave our boy alone insisting was not a good option considering that the atmosphere had become tense without remedy i accompanied them out of the office there the man lifted his son with a push i watched helplessly as he led him away by the arm the next day i turned my attention to Noah this time he seemed exhausted for some reason but what unsettled me most was that when he looked at me his gaze was as cold and threatening as ice the boy seemed to have gotten worse but i didn’t know how i could help him i had chills running down my spine all morning until it was time to go out to eat hey get away get away suddenly screams began to be heard within the class what’s wrong i just walked past you one of my students was next to Noah you are close very close you touched me get away the girl surprised and confused did not move from her place get away get away in just a second Noah grabbed a pair of scissors and lunged at the girl all the students who were present started screaming i told you i told you get away the boy began to insert and remove the scissors from the student’s torso who was screaming non-stop i tried to get closer to separate them as fast as i could but by the time i got there the girl’s uniform had turned red as had the floor get away get away Noah. Noah was moving while I was trying to pull him apart when i felt a sharp pain in my arm i had managed to hold him but he had stabbed me soon more teachers arrived due to the screaming and called the ambulance some frightened also contacted the police which led to a police investigation i can never forget what was discovered it was in the news for a long time they found out that Noah’s dad was a murderer when his wife finally confessed it was learned that he was forcing her and her son to kill people from a very young age Noah had been exposed to death the boy tried to control himself but he always felt that pressure of having to kill so he couldn’t stand being around people if anyone touched him the boy would lose control and he would want to kill.


Scary Story #3:

scary stories

My name is Francis and I am graduating from high school next week I am one of the few kids who is homeschooled and I can’t complain about anything my parents are very smart and were able to handle my education smoothly I didn’t have any problems socializing i have many friends in my neighborhood and I even went to school until I was 13. I loved going to school but after what I experienced that Friday I never wanted to go back and my parents understood me I remember that Friday was the last day before vacation it was quite rainy but i didn’t care in my head I was already going to the beach with my parents and my older brother that day i had math and literature classes the literature teacher was grading exams while we were reading in exchange for being quiet she didn’t give us homework so we were all more than happy when her hour was over and we came back from recess we hope to have some free time and maybe get home early since the math teacher miss Collins was almost always absent this teacher was only a substitute since the math teacher who was in most of the classes had retired this year the rest of the professors were too busy to fill their schedules with more courses so despite missing a lot of classes and getting along badly with the principals this girl was their only option we were playing online games with my classmates on our cell phones and it was already 15 minutes past class time and we were wondering if we could leave early but suddenly the door opened it was teacher Collins and she looked furious as soon as she walked in she saw Laura standing by the door and before she could excuse herself Collins grabbed her by the hair and spoke in a loud voice Laura  you were the one who got the highest score on the exam so I’ll let you out early go straight to the nurse’s office and ask them to check your ear why my ear Laura  said confused and sobbing instead of answering her the teacher took a revolver out of her pocket held it to her ear from the side and finally at the wall all of a students were paralyzed with fear wide-eyed and shocked Laura  stunned in death from the gunshot cried and hyperventilated in terror while the teacher motioned for her to run to the infirmary Collins then shut the door and locked us all in the classroom with her with absolute silence in the classroom the teacher went to the desk put our gun down and spoke listen you brats I am having a shitty day today so I am not going to repeat myself if any of you stands up talks or uses your cell phone I’ll shoot you in the face understood the kids were silent scared without answering her in a response teacher Collins fired a shot into the city luckily the classroom upstairs was unoccupied did you understand she repeated shouting before the kids could respond there was a pounding of the door and on the other side a man’s voice Collin what the hell do you think you’re doing get out of there and get the kids out right now the police are coming i couldn’t see behind the door but that was the principal’s voice he didn’t sound scared he sounded angry pay attention this is what will happen if anyone tries to get smart without hesitation Collins fired three shots towards the door where the knocking was coming from suddenly there was a thud against the door and blood began to flow under the door the children could not stand the pressure and began to cry inconsolably but quietly the teacher aware that the police were coming get up from her desk and approached to my table grabbed me by the neck and said hello Francis you usually behave well you better stay still listen to me and be a good human shield because if you misbehave I’ll kill you no words came out of my mouth i just took a deep breath and cried frozen in fear a few minutes later the police arrived surprised by the corpse at the door an officer shouted miss Collins you’re surrounded release the children and come out you don’t give me orders you pig i have the children listen to me or i start killing them i have more than 20. Do you want me to start with the first one as she spoke she put the gun to my head again i still remember the cold metal clashing against my hair and how i felt it could go off at any moment lady this is not going to end well for you let the children go and we can talk i told you to shut up pig you want me to kill this little blondie stop pushing me okay ma’am what do you want that’s better I’m willing to release all the children if you bring officer Carlos Martinez it won’t be difficult he’s in this police station i want him unarmed and in his underwear if he’s not here in 20 minutes I’ll start killing these little rats ma’am don’t worry we’ll try to contact him okay 19 minutes she said angrily and bent down again still holding me hostage fifteen minutes passed as if there were seconds i couldn’t stop looking at the clock it was the last five minutes of my life Collin seemed to notice this as she was also constantly watching the clock suddenly a new voice interrupted our thoughts miss Collins this is officer Carlos Martinez I’m here let’s talk you’re finally here. i want you to take off your clothes and come in with your hands up I’ll send a boy to open the door for you I’ll release this one when you come in and lock it again obediently the process went as she planned all the other boys escaped but instead of freeing me she kept pointing the gun at me. Miss Collins I recognize you now don’t follow in your husband’s footsteps you became a teacher for the children your husband gave drugs to these kids he took them out of school no one asked for your opinion you pig this is all your fault you locked him up now I’m alone I have nothing to eat do you think that being a teacher i can pay my rent none of this would have happened if there were no rats like you filled with anger she shot him in the feet and the officer fell to the floor as he fell she let go of me and started kicking the officer who tried to stop her but found himself unable to move again as Miss Collins was pointing the gun at it suddenly the door fell with a crash and many men came in Collins looked for me with her eyes at the corner of the classroom and raised her gun in my direction but before she could even point in my direction the FBI had already fired a burst of bullets at her and in the process saved my life when my parents picked me up i was in shock i started seeing a psychologist a few days later and only last year did i get the courage to visit Carlos Martinez the cop who almost sacrificed himself to protect me and the other kids the policeman told me that a short time before he had arrested her husband one of the most important drug dealers in the city shortly thereafter it was discovered that his wife miss Collins was involved in her husband’s business although she may have once been interested in the children at the time she was only using it to cover her dirty business Martinez and I became friends and even though I have no interest in becoming a police officer and being so close to so much violence I will always remember him as the one who saved my life.

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